Banging The Box With A Legend...

Growing up in Chicago in the 90's was a treat. Especially if you loved house music. Although rap music had nearly taken total control of all ‘black radio’ come 1991, house music was gradually making it’s way onto the airwaves.To get a better understanding of the house movement we’d have to take you back as early as 1983. One of the pioneers of house and it’s progression is DJ Deeon. He helped father in what we now call ghetto house which would be considered a descendant of house music and an accompanying genre to our beloved juke/footwork.

Before they shut down the station, some of the hottest house music in Chicago back then could be heard on WBMX, birthing the Hot Mix Five which consisted of Farley Jackmaster Funk, Mickey Mixin, Oliver Ralphi, Rosario Kenny, Jammin Jason and Scott Smokin Sills. House music had made it’s way into people’s hearts throughout the US and the world through various stations but in 1993, we were blessed with Cajmere’s banging classic Percolator and later Brighter Dayz. These tracks were edgy, melodic and unapologetically hard. Some believe Cajmere bred new life into house music and paved the way for DJs such as Deeon, Funk, Slugo, Paul Johnson, Gant Man, Milton, Robert Armani and Armando plus many more to begin flooding the streets with this gritty hard hitting house. DJ Deeon gained another wave of followers along with Let me Bang and other classics such as Freak Like Me and Da Bomb, which are still running the circuit today.

Deeon expresses his passion for the underground house movement and the significance of its impact on the house music culture and although he is a fan of the new house sound, he still prefers his sound to be hard and edgy. When he tours, he wants to please the fans with his ghetto house classics but is known for his variety and grace in all house-related genres. Being inspired by new DJs - particularly from the UK bass scene, his preference for the imported tracks reign over the typical releases.

Dating back to 1994, DJ Deeon has blessed the tour circuit from the US to Amsterdam, Paris, and London. As well as, many well known stages and online broadcasting channels such as The Boiler Room, Block Festival and the infamous Berghain - Berlin’s most exclusive Techno club that invites only the best DJs and the most important guests. Nowadays, you can hear the likes of local Chicago artists such as Jlin, Rp Boo, DJ Clent, DJ Rashad and Traxman in almost all his sets as he rocks the stages not only in Chicago but all over the world, allowing him to give an up-close and personal approach to his performances.

Expressing love and appreciation for the footwork movement, he admits it is not really his speed but is proud to have been a part of the progression of house music into footwork. He is one to be admired in the music world, not only for his contribution to the progression of house, but also his efforts and ongoing support within the footwork community. He even says he sold RP Boo one of his first drum machines. Good move!

With humility and love for music, he makes his way into legendary status. He would rather not see himself like that but we can expect big things from his upcoming releases, tours and collaborations. We will continue to see the progression of ghetto house through him and even though he wants to keep it all a secret, there are surely some bangers on the way!

Written by: Iamvictorius / Edited by: JamFransisco