SPOTLIGHT: BASS SCIENCE EP Is Something You Need To Hear.


The first three names to pop into your head when talking about Philly label Seclusiasis are Starkey, Dev79 and Street Bass. Usually known for a bass heavy catalogue, they’re now adding footwork/ juke to the mix, starting with last years highly praised 160 compilation.

Now comes Bass Science’s self titled EP.  This unique release is a true reflection on what seems to be a growing trend and new movement within the genres, blending juke and future bass with an eclectic arrangement of stellar club sounds, fast beats and then throwing in some cruisy synths and smoother vibes. Pushing sounds to a new level, providing remarkable production quality and rhythmic content with added soul and substance, front to back, this EP has no single highlight. Every track makes you want to move and by bringing this new wave sound, there is sure to be a favourite for all.

Not strictly falling into the footwork spectrum there is definitely a heavy influence in each track but make sure to check out the rest of the Seclusiasis back catalog, including 160 which features BSN Posse, Darren Keen and somejerk, just to name a few. If you happen to find yourself in Philadelphia make sure you check out ONESIXTY which is run by Dev79 and D160’s own Sideswipe - guests this month include Suspect Bitch and Dayo on June 25th



Written by Sideswipe/Edited by Jam Fransisco