Air Beach

Cover Art by Andrew DIFF

Cover Art by Andrew DIFF

What happens when you combine the futuristic genius of Andrew DIFF and the abstract style of JTRA?

Out comes a banger called Air Beach! If you could put this track into a champagne bottle, this is what you would pop on the victory lap. The collaboration mingles so well… um… you can’t truly tell which artist infused their prowess into it. Similar to a roller coaster in the summer, it takes up to the giant drop-off and hits you in the face with a punch of D160’s self-styled flavor.

Listen and enjoy!

Sound Of Rain

District160 is back at it again with a fresh new single just in time for the spring. Deejay 2tall and his Sound Of Rain does not disappoint with its hard hitting drums, monstrous synths, and sweet R&B samples. Boisterous and robust. Whether you are bout to roll up, chill, lab or melt a dancefloor…

Listen for the Sound Of Rain.

Sound of Rain 
By Deejay 2tall | District160 | GuttaSoundz 

Released March 31, 2019 
Produced by 2tall 
Mastered by Juke Nukem 
Cover Art by Andrew DIFF