Boy Bye

Cover Art by Cuenique

Cover Art by Cuenique

She's baaaaaack!!! Cuenique, lovingly dubbed The Missy Elliot of footwork, has graced our ears once again with her musical prowess. Her last project, Catch This Fade, was not only a warm up, it was more so a formal introduction into her medulla oblongata. Tracks like Aybay and What I Do served as an invite into her journey for self-examination. With Boy Bye, the exam is over!

Damn is indication that Cuenique is vindicated and free to be who she is. Her creative genius led to the solid production of booming 808 kicks, percussion and a play on vocals.

Get it has a hypnotizing, energetic vibe. This record has a molding to be a juke classic for the ladies. She’s telling you there’s no time to be idle, we got music to make!

I Do This is a rework of an older track titled Where Yo Werkx At? Bass is smooth and full of energy. Cuenique’s impeccable vocal work makes this a banger!

Messy tells a story within a story. Not only does it lift you up by your bootstraps to dance, it possesses undertones that warns us to steer away from those who cause drama in your personal lives.

ZeMatrix embraces a futuristic, trippy vibe reminiscent of acid house tracks of yesteryear.

This project encompasses the heart and soul of juke and footwork’s humble beginnings. It also tells the story of her personal goal to be respected as a talented producer in this genre. If you’re a connoisseur of juke/footwork and did not enjoy this, BOYYYYY BYE!!!

*BONUS* The fun is not over! We decided to provide our DJ friends with varied tempos for Get It and Messy. Happy mixing yall!

Air Beach

Cover Art by Andrew DIFF

Cover Art by Andrew DIFF

What happens when you combine the futuristic genius of Andrew DIFF and the abstract style of JTRA?

Out comes a banger called Air Beach! If you could put this track into a champagne bottle, this is what you would pop on the victory lap. The collaboration mingles so well… um… you can’t truly tell which artist infused their prowess into it. Similar to a roller coaster in the summer, it takes up to the giant drop-off and hits you in the face with a punch of D160’s self-styled flavor.

Listen and enjoy!