From Out Of The Shadows Is... Pariah

Laying low and plotting her next move, Jana Rush a.k.a Ja Ru drops her latest gold mine - Pariah.

Previously gracing us with her amazing ep, MPC 7635 - her rise to footwork queendom is in near sights. She has been lending her talents to The Femme Fusion compilation and even threw out a few free tracks to keep us interested. But lately Jana Rush has been on a tear, featuring regularly on Transit.FM, spinning the best of footwork for the people, sharing her favorites and her skills. As we delve into the goodness of Pariah, we get to know Jana Rush just a little more through the highly acclaimed and full-length album.

Opening up with the viciously infectious Midline Shift - it lands on us with heavy bass, tingling high hats and a melody that swoops in overhead, leaving very little room to breathe. The melodic flow is constantly slashed by the shaker and reverb. A cleverly constructed pock and snare drum line intertwines the first and second track nicely and Beat Maze is nothing short of mind boggling from start to finish. It is sure to be a classic in the Jana Rush collection and the footwork circle with it’s effortless but energetic change ups. Divine then adds a laid back and chill feel to the album and could be considered one of Jana’s more innovative tracks in all. Expressing her reasons through a recent radio interview, this one was made for someone close to her heart and you can sense the emotion.

Smooth horns and a melodious blanket of flirty flutes erupts into a groovy number named ??? ?? . This one gives us a summertime jazz vibe, breaking up the samples with a steady clap that keeps us wanting to move.

But the next one is for the footworkers. A battle beat called Break It carries us into the second half of the album and it pounds all ears from beginning to end. It’s heavy drum patterns and chants won’t just make you nod, it’ll make heads roll if the speakers are worthy. Same goes for No Fuks Given as the kick and synth play chase between some classic footwork percussion. A favorite for the D160 crew, it’s unique and somewhat galactic.

“Literally felt the soul in my feet and in my ears.”

- iamvictorious

A solid second version of the ever loved Acid Tek comes at us full force, with it’s feet firm to the floor, but not for long. Its fast paced drums and synths coupled with crispy claps give this track an overdose of movement; so get out of way because CPU then sets the stage for a David and Goliath-like footwork battle. The drums are laced with contagious bass thumps and chords. You wanna rumble in the circle? Play this one a few times.

Now, take a breath with Chill Mode as it eases you into the last part of the journey. This sequence of mellow audible movements will free up your mind and perhaps now let your body go with it. Laced with perfectly chopped samples, it’s beauty will prepare you for the next track, Frenetic Snare, and it’s light-hearted jungle vibes. It welcomes you in with a feeling of continuous emotion and takes us out with it’s soft rolling percussive patterns and atmospheric rhythm. A subtle ending to a stellar collection of sounds.

Jana Rush did let us in on her plan to turn heads and Pariah has done just that, and there is more to it. It’s a declaration of dedication to the culture and sound of footwork. This self explanatory album shows us just what Jana Rush is capable of.

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Written by iamvictorious/Edited by jamfransisco

Trackpack v2 Is A Must Have For Any Stack

Laying down some fresh works, this concoction of circle breakers is about to heat up the room. TRACKPACK Vol 2 blends traditional Chicago style with Nangdo’s ultramodern sound. This release would be considered his most innovative yet.

Starting off with Shy to Say, a continual xylo synth hovers over the soul sample, and in Pounds the melody is also the dominant sound but the vox sample plays a distinct part in this catchy track. The drum pattern holds a footwork beat that you might hear thrown in the circle if you haven’t already; steady, crisp and on-point.

“There is something really catchy about every track, especially Pounds. The percussion lines up so perfectly.”

- JTRA (D160)

She Know feat. Feero & Frenquency is built up with digital horn sounds, steady claps and an electro synth all meshing together to create an old school Chicago sound. While Acid Hit and Come into my World - both DJ friendly and favorited by the footworkers, stays true to footwork while adding some of Nangdo’s signature style.

Saving the best for last, Said and Done holds it place at the top of the D160 list. The smooth soul takes us out nicely, cruising it’s way to the end. Soft rolling hi-hats, the mellow kick lying below, it all works. One truly mixed platter for you to delve into on any given day.

Written/Edited by: jamfransisco