Back On W/ G-Tone

D160 is bringing in the New Year with a new dance video featuring dancer, G-Tone and producer/DJ, Hesk. In the video you will see nature scenes mixed with urban art and G-Tone's unique spin on Chicago Footwork.

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Turn Around, It's Count Vanderhoff


Count Vanderhoff is working his way up and proves that he is no rookie to the game. In 2016, his debut EP release of Float showcased some of his best work. Following up in 2017 with his latest EP Turn Around, we get to hear some of his new styles thrown into the cache. With 3 originals and 2 remixes there is plenty of energy and movement to wrap your mind and feet around.

An eclectic bevy, fusing the sounds of Chicago footwork with elements of jungle and bass,  the UK native takes great care in making sure each track keeps us tuned in. Dj friendly and full of feelin’, this ep has enough flavor to go around twice over as this cleverly constructed collection of sounds has us swerving between ambient patterns and energetic dance beats. The title track lends a juke vibe to the mix and it’s sure to be a fave!

Classic, soulful and bound with intricate rhythms, Love Is Real - both the original and remix, have juke and footwork vibes mixed in with the old school. Survival is a little more somber, as it leads us on a trippy digital journey but it suits the overall theme. Noticing the minimal use of vox samples, the ep still holds a full sound across the board and D160 is throwin’ big ups to Count Vanderhoff for providing us with yet another unique musical experience.

Written/Edited by: jamfransisco