Success may be on his mind, but Deejay Compton has the utmost respect for what he does and where it comes from. With a confirmed heart rate of 160bpm, his mind and body are made for the music and you can feel it in every beat. Coming straight outta Compton with the crip walkin' influence and changing up pace to the footwork scene he is standing strong with the Juke Bounce Werk crew, there is no stopping the passion and drive he has for the music and the game.




How did you find footwork?

I actually found it by accident. I was at a small festival playing one of my first live sets and these dudes were playin’ some crazy ass, super duper fast tracks. I am pretty sure I first heard Drop by Rashad and I was sittin’ in the back and was like "what the fuck is that?" My homeboys Cory and Chuck were up on the rooftop playing that goodness so I went up there and they gave me the scoop.  It was literally life changing music, my heart was beating to the music and it was pure love, I would call it "orchestrated chaos," it was divine, and I felt it was something I was meant to do.


What is the scene like in Ohio?

The scene here is based around a lot of Drum’n’Bass and Purple Bass music. I actually played on a card alongside Yheti for one of my first shows. I guess you could say there is a Hip Hop influence too but I think besides my homie Subsonic here in Ohio and Londy out of Cleveland, I am the only one into this scene in a religious way. It's like any other major city though, they get the popular music but there isn't much of a juke/footwork scene down here.


How do you see footwork being received around the world?

It is really hittin’ the masses, becoming more relatable to other folk around the world. Crews like Teklife and the JBW are in the underworld bubblin up onto the surface and people are catching on quick. They are warming up to it more and more as they experience the juke vibe and have the House music aspect to keep it relative.


Where do you place yourself in this rapidly growing culture?

I'm just trying to show my respect, playing my part in something that has helped changed my life. I just jump in and show love and support for the people that have been doing it forever and the culture that has done so much for me. I gotta mention the whole JBW crew again, they on top of shit right now, it's great to be a part of that.


Do you have any particular influences or names that are playing into your sounds these days?

I really fux with Sir Teemo, DJ Acey, Static, DJ Clent, C-bit and all the Beatdownhouse crew. I really try to cater to the Chicago footwork scene, especially after meeting some crew down there a while back. They treated me like a real person and made me feel like I am really a part of this culture.


What are you focused on now, are you planning any projects or tours?

Right now I am sticking to producing making my sound good.  I haven't had much of a chance to tap into the touring side of things, but just producing and trying to keep up with the times, cranking out tunes since there are a lot of maniacs putting out good sounds and i feel like i gotta keep up with that and gain the respect or "stamp of approval" from the top producers in the game.




After moving across the country with his family, his hometown Compton, LA will always be reflected in his style. Now focusing on the real sounds out of Chicago and bringing his own flavor to the beats, Deejay Compton aims to please those who know how the game began, who appreciate and respect the culture, the dance and the craft. Stay tuned for what’s to come because this man ain’t about to quit.






Photo by: Heather Schwartz - Written/Edited by: JamFransisco