D160 FREE DL: Hendy - When I Was

These days on Soundcloud it’s rare to find an artist that really grabs you by the ears. Well, a guy named Hendy has done just that and he’s decided to give us his latest work.

Hendy’s latest track, "When I Was," consists elements of his style all rolled into one. We hear a fusion of footwork/jungle, experimental hip hop, and global bass music throughout his whole catalogue. Drawing from a multiverse of sonic influences, you may even hear hints of jazz and soul as well. Some of his musical tastes were shaped by his father who played blues guitar, and introduced him to an array of sounds. It wasn't until his college days were coming to an end that he began experimenting with electronic music.

“In a way, I really feel like I’m just getting started.” - Hendy

A producer first, and DJ second, his enthusiasm for collaborative projects is admirable. He will have plenty to share as 2017 brings on a new challenge. He, and his fellow producers have set themselves a goal of one new track for every week of the year. Artists such as Bell Curve, Skuga, PMP, and Anna Morgan are all included in this epic challenge. Whether these tracks will actually be released, or not, is still unknown but the creative push that these artists have between one another is encouraging to say the least.

“We each have a different sound and style so everyone brings something unique to the table.” - Hendy

From grime, to footwork, to jungle, and more, his sound has growth and progression written all over it. When we will hear more from him?  Who knows! But stay tuned as this Jersey local brings his palate to the footwork community. Head over to SoundCloud and pick up a copy of his recently released Circle the Void EP. Catch some rhythmic, ethereal vibes throughout this killer release. Coated with sweet jungle breaks and cosmic melodies this juke/footwork inspired selection of beats will keep you satisfied, for now...

Written/Edited by: jamfransisco