JTRA Gets The Tokyo Beatdown

If you ever frequent the LA music scene, then Tokyo Beat should be at the top of your list for live music venues. Featuring plenty of well known acts, and giving a push to those who are trying to break through, Rocksteady is known as the night of nights for footwork in LA. Every Tuesday, dancers and DJs alike make their love for the culture known and with Juke Bounce Werk  heading operations, you’d be mad to ever pass it up.

On this particularly balmy evening we saw the likes of Kush Jones and DJ Acey with K Locke and plenty of Rocksteady regulars to celebrate K Locke’s birthday. Having missed out on a few shows over the weeks, D160’s JTRA showed up to give us the scoop on what Rocksteady had in store for this particular Tuesday night.

Short on bodies but strong in vibes, the night started out on a personal, more intimate note. Taking advantage of the mood the DJs kept it chill with some tasteful tracks. In the meantime, Acey was kickin’ it outside with K Locke and some other dancers. The speakers delivered the sounds, they practiced their works while walking us through the moves and giving us tips on fluidity and style.

Acey: “You gotta keep on your toes. Feel the bounce in your steps. This will keep your works fluid. When it comes to moves, it’s about your style. There are the basic and advanced moves, but it’s about how you apply your own style to them.”

JTRA: “Always start your movements on the left, right?”

K Locke: “I mean, yeah, but really, it’s about your moves. If your move isn’t necessarily meant to start on the left, then it just isn’t.”

The energy was running high. There were big smiles and plenty of calls and woops around the circle as the night went on and the music pulsed throughout the venue and beyond. JTRA hit the floor with confidence and courage and it seemed to have paid off.

Lucky: “Bruh! I didn’t know you could get down like that!”

Acey: “See, homie did his homework!”

In the end JTRA had earned a little respect in the circle and the night went off with a bang. Needless to say, every Rocksteady since has been turnt up and setting the standard for footwork based events around the world. Big ups to the all the artists, dancers and crew for making this a night to remember.

Written by: JTRA/Edited by: jamfransisco