Juke MX Presents: Traxmex Vol 1

D160 takes a look into Traxmex Vol. 1, the first compilation from the JukeMX crew released in January 2017. Comprised of the latest and greatest from footwork producers out of the beautiful country of Mexico, this one might scorch you, VIVA LA MEXICO!!!

If you haven’t already, head over to the links at the bottom of the page to pick up your copy. Here is a track by track breakdown with your man, JTRA, who has plenty to say about this bumpin’ compilation.

Mate - LatravaMinimal; Catchy bangs! Lots of flavor for so few sounds. Raw and raunchy, this track beefs up the album nicely.

BCOTB - Little Thoughts; Melodious arrangements paired with a variety of rhythms. We’d call this one here the album’s smooth operator.

CYBEREALITY - Everybody in the Place; Put together with a simple synth and vox sample. The enthralling rhythms and fat sounds encompass the whole track, making this one another solid footwork favorite.

"It's a really interesting cross section into the juke scene in Mexico. Plenty of really interesting takes on the 160bpm genre but the standout for me was the 'Everbody in the Place' remix, took me right back to '92." - Sideswipe

Robot Samurai - Junglefootwork; It plays as it reads. Nicely chopped amens, fat snares, kicks and bludgeoning bass all placed within an eerily scattered rhythm.

Sonido Bezerk - Chalchi 171; Jazzy, futuristic, and deserving of a healthy shot of tequila. Not too in your face, not too laid back, but the bass is fat and holds it all together.

Lurkoj - Luscious; A masterpiece of latin percussion and horns infused with footwork. Unique rhythms and (as the name states) luscious sounds make this one of the most played track on the compilation.

Monkey Junkie Funky - Purple; Exhale! Amazing vibes made up of clever percussive arrangements and rolling rhythms. Caution: this track is whirling in it’s own smoke and takes a trippy turn toward the end.

Vinil Motion - I Get Higher; Tough and straight to the point. A driving beat and steady synth lay the groundwork for a great all round footwork inspired heater. Not a bad way to close out the album.

With 18 tracks in total, Traxmex Vol 1 is a worthy addition to any collection. Some of the best talent in the Latin and Hispanic world giving us just a taste of their styles. Don't forget to check out all the different artists and check out more of their tunes.

Written by JTRA/Edited by jamfransisco