Teklife Got It Right Again... On LIfe

It’s another supreme start to the latest Teklife release for 2017. This 23-track compilation holds it's own in a collection of sounds by some of the most sought after producers in the music industry right now.

Lending his classic sound to the album is RP BOO with Let’s Go. As the only female producer on board, A.Fruit throws in the somber track Took a While, a subtle chilled out piece with a variety in sound, is endless but not disappointing. Adding his own classic style is the force of Traxman - naming this one after the compilation itself, ON LYFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! speaks out loud and clear. While it features Teklife members and their worthy guests, to pick a favorite would be too hard but the top D160 tracks would include DJ Spinn’s On Deck, Altitude by Gant-Man, and sliding in some trap style beats - Durban’s Mercury.

It’s all a bit of a head spin and while you weave your way through every corner of the juke/footwork scene, you are already wanting to hit repeat. DJs Manny, Lucky and Phil get together to pay tribute to the illustrious DJ Rashad for the first track on the album, L’s Up for Rashad. DJ Big Hank and Sirr Tmo jump in with a high energy ass shaker, Don’t Just Stand There, and it’s got heat all the way through. Slick Shoota drops a smooth tune, moving us toward the end of the album, finishing with Weezy and DJ Paypal’s dark, heavy and viciously chopped, Berlin.

D160 is proud to support all of the artists of Teklife and those associated. The growth of the community is dependent on the release of quality footwork, and footwork inspired music, to accompany the dance we are trying to represent. Take the time to listen to this album and not just once. In whatever order you listen, it will take you through a rhythmic labyrinth of crisp snares, claps and synths. Heavy kicks, bold bass hits and soulful chords all over. It’s time to stop talking about it and go get your copy now.

Written/Edited by: jamfransisco