The Evolution Of Polish Juke

Polish Juke returns in 2017 hot on the heels of their first vinyl release from Rhythm Baboon and some serious fire courtesy of Symbiotic Sounds, Freshtilldef and Moondoctor. For some, these last few releases have put Polish Juke squarely on the map. For others, it’s just the next step in the progression of a very influential imprint.

You’d be forgiven for sleeping on Polish Juke in the last few years, but while you were sleeping they were burning the figurative midnight oil. Since 2012, they have promoted all things Footwork by throwing parties and supporting their fellow Polish artists. As well as, hosting their Split Series, a project which highlights collaborations with overseas producers. Where they stand apart is with their focus to primarily promote Polish artists "trying to be heard over the multitude of US and UK based artists." Subsequently, Lux Familiar, COMOC, PZG, and Dubsknit, are just a few of the names that have come up with the label, and have seen global success.

This has led to many other European collectives following suit such as Iberian Juke, Russian Juke, and Le French Work. Inspired by the model laid down by Polish Juke, these labels also promote their own homegrown artists. This has led to an explosion across Europe of new producers, parties, and labels, trying to find their place within the ever-growing footwork culture. The rest of the world has taken notice as one can regularly see RP Boo, Traxman and DJ Spinn, just to name a few, traveling to Poland and headlining everything from small town raves to music festivals.

Lux Familiar - The Right Way.jpg

In early January, the label dropped a mix of forthcoming material mixed by Lux Familiar. Stacked from back to front, it’s hard not to think that 2017 will be the year they really achieve something big. First up, a brand new Lux Familiar EP titled, The Right Way.

We start with the high energy, breath-taking explosion of beats, breaks and beautiful synth work on Cool Life. Tonite, yet another great collaboration with Bennecart, is full of classic samples highlighting a few styles that influence the pair.

More Flava and Polish Juke Brotha are straight dancefloor killers coming heavy with the vocals and pumping bass lines to get you juking through the night. Finally, the upright jazz bass line gives the title track, featuring Rhythm Baboon, some serious backbone as it weaves around 808s and chopped breaks, creating a serious heater for junglists and footworkers alike.


If this is how Polish Juke starts 2017, we can’t wait to see how the rest of the year unfolds.

Written by: Sideswipe/Edited by: JamFransisco