LFW 2 comes through....


A fresh range of sounds will be coming at you this month with the release of Volume 2 in the compilation series from Le French Work, an EU label that strives to bring you a collection of tracks by varying artists who take the juke/footwork influence to another level. Stay connected and be sure to show your support.

Laced with experimental and futuristic sounds, turning corners on every track, this compilation has it all. Featuring artists we all know and love including Bahnhof::zoo, Bigseuf, Feero, Flex Blur and Gordini all bringing us brand new tracks to blend into our libraries. Paris and Ya’ll Haterz would be considered just two of our top picks with a solid footwork influence keeping the smooth melodies flowing through the intricate beats. Most of the album sways toward a chill mood but there are plenty of bangers scattered throughout the release.

There is, however a darker side to some of the tracks, 1H9!N’s La Marche Arriere is first on the list, Feero’s Big Room and later down the line, Kontakt by Caterva all have snappy snares to run alongside the punchy kicks and deeper toned melodies, layered with airy swells and minimal vocal samples.

Then we move onto some spritely sample packed tracks. Nauma by Mr.Pigman, Boris by Shake is Machine, and Generation 160 by SNKLS all bringing different flavors within the 160bpm realm. Some with bangin’ beats, glitchy notes, some with a touch of techno and disco. Overall, this compilation is overflowing with variety and substance. There is sure to be something for everyone on the second of what we hope to be many volumes from the LFW crew.


MLFW Vol.2 is now available to all but for the preview click the link below!

Written and Edited by: JamFransisco