Eq Why Strikes Again: Whythoven 2 Nine Sixteen Eighty-Eight


He’s been around the block, alongside some of the best in the game, proving himself as one of the most dedicated artists within the genre and community. Chicago’s EQ WHY now expands his horizons and brings his latest work to the footworkers, both young and old, with his new release Whytoven Volume 2: Nine Sixteen Eighty Eight.

Dropping over a month ago, Whytoven Volume 1: Away from Death, was recognised as a unique release, giving us a taste of the range and variety that he works with. Next to one of his earlier releases New Track City via Good Street Records, this one shows us yet another side of him with trance like rhythms that seep into electronic synths, intertwined with crazy clashing hats and snares. First on the list So help me God blends long melodic organ notes with a regulated clap and kick to bring the footwork flavor out. He has a knack for creating steady snare beats that resonate the arguably “traditional” footwork beat. Nevertheless, all the tracks on this release stay  true to that Chicago sound in one way or another.

Other tracks are structured with mesmerising waves of synths and atmospheric melodies. Sky Is The Limit is packed with rapid voice samples, melded with horns and a heavier bassline. Then we travel through space with For The Love Of Dabs, giving off  a “star particle” sound, enhancing any high. An 8 bit vibe with the last track Interface 2 touches on an older EQ sound with a twist of battle style. A style that people love and associate with EQ WHY and his Equalized brand, there is no stopping his expression, true passion for the music, and the origin from which it came.


Written by: Thrash/Edited by: JamFransisco