Listen For The Pressure

D160’s resident reviewer iamvictorious takes on DJ Rolow’s latest release via Innocuous Records and upon listening to the Pressure EP, it’s got him wondering where he has been all this time. Join us in celebrating this unique release laced with your fill of footwork, ghettotech and juke inspired tracks.

A laid back and layered track, Mess holds a consistent combination of strings with drum patterns that make the track ride it's own wave, a unique and original experience.

Sounds lives by its title. It's got a nice feel of footwork and jungle holding a natural flow throughout.

Burn taps into Rolow’s love for footwork and soul music. You don't have to know how to footwork to vine to this but it could be tagged as one for the ladies with it’s smooth RnB vox samples.

Kush Ain't Hittin. Definitely a stand out for this EP, this track rides it's baseline and is guaranteed to please the crowd. Rashad is somewhere getting them wurks hard to this one.

Matchmaker is something very special. It is soulful and gracious. The sample carries its own weight and beast-like drums are elevated to bring another fusion of footwork and soul. You’ll be hittin’ repeat on this one.

We may consider this one a classic sound. Would You Mind carries smooth and sultry rhythms you can footwork, two step to or get together for a Chicago step session.

Summer Air is one of those ‘grab your lady by the waist n just vibe to it’ kind of tracks, and while you're at it, grab yourselves a drink or smoke, something smooth. This track is gorgeous on all levels. The sample, the drums and the chords that accompany them, make this track footwork qualified. Definitely worth featuring in the next Soul of my Feet mix series.

Dj Rolow closes out this album with Honest and this one is geared towards the footworkers. A great way to finish out the tracks with elements of soul and some damn good feelings.

After listening to the Pressure EP, I am confident Dj Rolow knew what type of adventure he wanted to take us on. This EP is a solid and classic addition to the sounds and culture of footwork. Well worth the listen and most definitely worth the purchase.

Written By: iamvictorious/Edited by: JamFransisco