From The Ghetto, Here Comes Rome

It’s a new season for footwork. Through the many styles and artists that are emerging within the culture, there is one that knows how to set himself apart, DJ Rome. Dishing out a new 12-track album and it’s a doozy. He’s finally got us where he wants us and if you aren’t in line to pick this one up, you best head over to the official Bandcamp page below to listen, learn and let your credit card do the talkin’.

Blending retro breaks and ghetto samples into footwork beats is one way to sum up the overall theme of this album, but each track does bring it's own flavor. When it comes to ghetto styles, there is much to be said for this collection of tracks. While DJ Rome is staying true to the footwork sound, his choices in song structure are unique. Some samples flow through the track, while others are chopped up and served cold like a battle track should be. Back on my Jazz and That Groovy Shit are prime examples of cleverly used horn clips made to bring a soulful vibe, but laying overtop of a bangin’ beat.

Some other D160 favorites include Work That. A catchy and simple hard hitter that finds it’s place back in the circle. We step back into the 80’s with a slow-mo sample of Zapp’s More Bounce to the Ounce, mashing it up nicely with a slammin’ ghetto rhythm. While the only thing to question might be the overall quality of sound, the energy is never lacking. Mixing it up with some glitch and 16-bit snippets, there is plenty of variety amongst this stash of sounds and we believe this album may have set a new standard for the team at FF160. We look forward to hearing more from the Ghetto Child himself, DJ Rome.

Written & Edited by: jamfransisco