RP Is The Ultimate...

If you're unfamiliar with RP Boo then now would be the time to get ahold of his legendary discography.  Arguably one of the most innovative artists in the world right now, he is also considered one of the originators in the culture of footwork itself. Starting with the Bangz and Works Vol 1 and Vol 2, The Legacy, Fingers Paint and more, there is an array of eclectic energy and soul layered throughout the RP Boo sound.

His latest release, The Ultimate, is no different. The album opens up with the title track The Ultimate which has a steady drum line and catchy chant throughout the track. Bang To the Funk is laden with bass and rhythm. The soul sound of the chorus rides the wave all the way through and the number countdown we all know from Sesame Street is sure to have you singing along.

The King speaks for itself. The track reels us in with a solid snare beat underneath a sample of a father telling his son to claim the throne, similar to those footworkers who share a desire to be at the top of the ranks in the dance circle. A dominating track, it is infectious and extremely energetic. Terrorizing the speakers with big, bold sound and minimal sampling.

Throwing in some vintage style, What Am I is a gripping track featuring a soulful female vocal sample singing "what am I supposed to do" and it holds the track together until the end. The only thing you will need to do is get up, shake off and let your feet do the talking. Definitely a D160 favorite for this album.

Talk about a classic, Bu’Moon is one for the battlers. It’s fit for a movie soundtrack holding a load of emotion and feeling throughout, taking you on a footworker's journey through the mind of Arpebu. Electric Energy tones the album down a little bit, but not for long. The drums are heavy, the bass runs deep and the Lenny Kravitz sample is chopped just right. A true depiction of the entrancing RP sound from beginning to end.

Released in 2016, the EP will hold strong in your collection for many years to come. You will hear an evolutionary range with replay value, you will find these tracks in many footwork circles and DJ sets around the world. Ultimately, this release will please all fans, old and new, of the legendary RP Buuuuu.....

Get your copy at the link below:

Written by: IamVictorious/Edited by: JamFransisco