Likely To Cause A Riot, It's Disquiet...

Disquiet cover.jpg


Juke Bounce Werk is back with another album that sets a new standard of quality. SCATTA, one of JBW's very own, has pumped out what can only be seen as the next game changer in footwork sound with his Disquiet EP. This is that album that can either be nightmare fuel or audible bliss.

"Even though the percussion is so minimal, each track practically screams."

Break Your Heart, while haunting, kicks you in the heart with energy. Dun No (featuring Regent Street) is like a London fog, rolling through the neighborhood. For Your Love is the poltergeist of the EP that follows you through the night. Nexus/Obsidian is the soundtrack to deep space travel. Conturbet is literally the sound of a nightmare that doesn't seem to end...