Innes' Gives A New Meaning To The Word Spirit...

DJ Innes is well known for working with the likes of Traxman and supported by some of the biggest names in footwork including the prestigious label Teklife. Now, 2017 and Halsted Street Entertainment sees the Tekk Djz member bring forth his debut album Spirit.  

Working in music for over twenty years and since having fallen in love with the sound of juke/footwork, he felt it was time to make an album to tell his own story. He's not shy about sharing his influences or about giving praise to those who are deserving and you will find his album full of just that - spirit.

“ has been a life changing experience to have the mentorship, friendship and support of Traxman, DJ X-Ray, RP Boo, DJ Flint, DJ Spinn, DJ Rashad (RIP), DJ Deeon, Jammin Gerald, DJ PJ, DJ Clent, Cuenique, Jana Rush, Slick Rick Da Master, DJ Phil (huge shoutout), Crossfire, Pablo Discobar, Boylan,Marvel Browhow, DJ  Titan, Violet Systems, Juke Nukem, DJ Fulltono, CRZKNY, Shex, DJ Kaoru, Jlin Majik Mike DJ Kuroichi Kuroki, BOOMA, Typhonic, EVE, Club ESC and my whole GETO DJz inc, Tekk DJz, Teklife, Beatdown House, and the Juke Bounce Werk family; and all the footworkers that kick a leg to my trax and have continued to teach me the culture.” - DJ Innes

With all this talent and support surrounding him he was sure to create something unique, personal, and bangin’ to say the least.

Elevating his sound to new levels, Open Our Eyes featuring Traxman and Crossfire, is layered with a snappy snare, toms and kick to beef up the beat, along with a soulful melody. The sample breathes easy but gives the percussion more vitality as it travels through to the end. A D160 favorite to start the album off right. 

“I've done a lot over the years but with Chicago bringing me into the family i've been happier and more driven than ever.” - DJ Innes

The title track, featuring DJ Phil is brash, aggressive and holds tight to its form through heavy drums and the intense synth melody. It's an energetic experience and will definitely get some movement out of you. It's Magic finds Innes teaming up with Traxman once again laying down a bouncy beat with a cheerful rhythm then bringing more life into the track with those bumptious drum works. Praise II gives praise to the sound of ghetto house, juke and footwork all at the same time. This track takes no short cuts and it commands respect from its listeners. The drums are ferocious, wild and will make you want to get your works on. Another high energy track, With U feat. Boylan, uses his signature drums, lays this one down with some light airy soul samples floating overtop, giving the album some texture.

“For the first time, I got to work with my father, with him playing trumpet on Bloom. That has been a huge life goal for me to bring my family's 3 generations of jazz legacy into my music.” - DJ Innes

Bridging the gap between jazz and footwork, Mr. Innes plays trumpet over thumping drums and beautifully selected chords. Dreamlike would best describe the mood after playing Bloom a number of times over. Paving the way like the calm before a storm, Cyber Threat comes at us with it’s distortion and bass. Taking this album in a completely different direction, this one rolls through with percussive force and weirdness. Phoenix Mirror has this adventure coming to an end with a bit of everything. This could be one of those parking-lot pimpin’ joints. A progression of hip hop style at 160bpm layered with full bodied string and horn samples, it’s a strong finish for the LP.

 DJ Innes' debut solo album holds its own in a catalogue of the music we are hearing today. Spirit speaks directly to his influences and family. Now you can show your support too by listening to his story and sharing the links below.

Written by: iamvictorious/Edited by: jamfransisco