SPOTLIGHT: Broken Soles Recordings


Our LA correspondent JTRA takes a minute to shine the spotlight on a West Coast label you may not have been acquainted with. Broken Soles Recordings are young, but definitely not lacking in the quality department. The Phoenix based label will soon be bringing you a new way to hear their sounds with a live stream session through Limbic Groove and have announced they will be hosting some local shows in and around Arizona. They have a solid music gallery and is made up of a variety of artists, some well known, some not so much but are sure to cater to all.

Mokujin - Not just a wooden training dummy. In fact, this cat's tracks are quite otherworldly. Futuristic is definitely an understatement when it comes to the sound and style. Crazy synths, mind melting effects, and thick percussion is what you get here. If you're a fan of classic trance, even an owner of the Trancework compilation, you'll wonder why this artist isn't blowing up heavy in the EDM scene but with time, it will happen.

KHMGTZ - Who’s latest release is definitely for the jungle/footwork fans. Those cut up breaks you want, deeply mixed with traditional footwork. Grab this release if you need more dark sounds in your collection.

Jamfransisco x Camelboy - One of D160's own has put together a single for those torn up kicks of yours. Homegirl came in with the soul! Wanna be caught deep in your feels? Grip this! Now, what did Camelboy do with the track, you may ask? Took it deliciously dark and minimal. Not wanting to get buried in your feels but still want those lovely vox in your ears? He's got exactly what you need.

Albino Gorilla - The grizzly maestro himself comes through to serve up some face melting tracks for the label. These tracks are known to wreck systems and shatter souls. The variety is real! Tracks are crazy, some got that soul, some are funky, and some are just haunting. Featuring remixes by DComplexity and D160's own Sideswipe, it's a piece you need in your collection.


If you find yourself in Arizona around the 15th of September, be sure to check out the first of many Limbic Groove shows. Now, go and hunt down their soundcloud and dig through some more. The BSR catalogue is deep and diverse. Get to it! 


Written by: JTRA / Edited by: JamFransisco