In Time With DJ Lil’ Generous

Footwork is on the rise and now is the time for Dj Lil’ Generous to grace us with some new sounds from his latest album My Time is Now 2. This collection of sounds may transcend moods, elevate minds and feed your souls what they are longing to hear. With little to disappoint, this 24 track album displays an array of style and sound from the Chicago native.

There are heaters from the get go with tracks like Summer Sunrise, Love Ya Baby and Feel The Rhythm. Then mixing it up with tracks like Disco Waves and Hoe Factor with poppin’ bass layered over wickedly placed patterns across the samples of Khia’s My Neck, My Back and Lauryn Hill’s Ex-Factor. Keep Ya L’s Up  is perfect for the genres ever growing spotlight as it blends intricate and what might be considered “traditional” transitions within the beat and the samples. Other bangers on the album include Fuck The Beat Up, Synthetik Overload, and Pinky’s - all incorporating a variety of samples both whole and chopped, some more on the R&B side, others straight from the street. Infusing high-hats and rolling snares through the battle beat, each track is created with skill and uniformity for an overall footwork feel.

My Time Is Now 2, with it’s range of quality tracks is a testament to the efforts and dedication of Lil’ Generous.  His execution of skill on this body of work will mix well with the mass of tracks in the footwork community. Each track tells a story and leads us in and out of the Dj Lil Generous timeline. Let’s hope there is more to come because we are looking...

Written by: Cuenique/Edited by: JamFransisco