It's A City Of Rage With Lupay...

Chicago's Lupay has been very musically active over the last couple of years. With the release of the atypical footwork release, Brave New World, in partnership with Dcomplexity of the US label FootworkFusion160. Followed by Brave New World 2, it expands on Lupay’s journey through experimental sounds, showing his range with more of a fresh soulful sound. Then, one of this year’s favorite footwork releases, Pain, deemed a labor of love by Lupay himself, was a classic release holding true to it's title.  

Proving his dedication to the music, Lupay has now graced us again with his latest works, City of Rage. With minimal use of samples - this is a new vision in his musical catalogue. Although, a more simpler approach, we found the execution just as effective.

Ball Him Up is one for the circle. It’s gritty and hard-faced, constantly moving at a thunderous pace, just like Bangset, as it blends well within the initial track. It fits well as this album flows much like a movie soundtrack. The combination of drums, bass, and chords, together create a chaotic scene in your mind. In fact, most of the tracks on this album will have your head spinning one way or the other. Coming to Disco is classic Lupay track. A murderous pace, all over the place, as the rage continues to intensify.  

Act Two brings the war back to the circle. Don't Be A Victim states it plain and simple, you don’t wanna get burned. Lupay is making his presence as a footwork dancer/producer known throughout this album with his high energy rhythms as you’ll hear in My Favorite Drink. The Ode To Hennessy is doused in powerful kicks and killer samples chopping their way to the end. Omega Red sets its pace with words omega mode, and destroy, and as the D160 favorite, naturally it holds the most distinctive footwork sound of all the tracks. It might be hard to understand for those outside the circle but as with Tycoon, it comes on like frantic electrical waves, in a fun way.

The final act finishes us off with tracks like Redline to House. Dark, kind of grimey and random AF. It’s laced with a rock feel sprinkled with drum'n'bass and as the title serves, a house banger. It's light on the ears but hard with intent. BTAH adds a ghetto house element with a slip and slide vibe. Southside (City of Rage) takes us back to Lupay's vintage sound, sinister glitch, and drum patterns drive the battle element and this finishes out the latest works for Lupay. The City of Rage EP is a testament to the sound of Lupay, as he continues his innovative and emotional pursuit in footwork.

Get your copy of City of Rage or find out more about Lupay by clicking the link below.

Written by: iamvictorious/Edited by: jamfransisco