District160 has been busy making its presence felt in the Chicago Juke/Footwork community with releases from DJ Ends, DJ Rolow, Cuenique, JTRA, and more. As well as, various singles and mixes from in/out of camp over the course of 2018.

Heaters Only: Batch No.1 brings all of the D160 crew together for their first compilation. Andrew DIFF serves up 365 as the crew anthem to set off the compilation. With a vast array of influences from many genres, he seamlessly incorporates said influences in this track.

Dj AMWF’s Tell Her To bursts into your earholes with an all out assault of bass and evil intentions. Don’t let the soft voice of the sample fool you. This track will most definitely fire up the battle energy for any footworker.

Cuenique graces us with Misty, a dedication to a very good friend. You can feel the love in this tune. Most creatives will recognize the passion it takes one to honor a loved one through their medium. Through its vibrant soul, this one bang!

Sideswipe’s Poison is so mean. The drums are dangerously deep and spare the need for extra elements. The sampling is tasteful and nostalgic, simple and edgy. One would hard pressed to find a Sideswipe tune that isn’t fire! Make no mistake, this track upholds his standard while previewing the listener with taste of what is to come.

Deejay 2tall, arguably one of the most underrated producers in the community. But, fear not, he has the Connection. This is the dance floor shapeshifter of the compilation. Whether the party just started or you’re deep in the night, Connection will get the bodies moving.

Juke Nukem‘s Set Em On Fire(ft. Evolve) is so energetic is mind-blowing. Collaborating with his Texas brethren on the vocals created the backbone of this heater. With his use of vocal sampling alongside his with the drum sequencing known to crush and change in an instant, Juke does not disappoint.

Bae by Abacus is catchy and easy to vibe too. So simple, yet impactful with a throwback feel to his hometown Chicago. Bae will be that tune that sticks in your head. It doesn’t matter if you’re at a bus stop or at the club, you gonna learn today.

Thrash brings us Pump It Up. This is the weekend turn up. Its soulful, gracious, and gels well within itself. A definitive crowd pleaser. The samples are carefully placed within the heavy, yet reserved, drums. A warm introduction into this young, up and coming producer.

KlaKlak by JTRA picks up where Travels Abroad left off. Trains of beauty and purpose literally collide with the promise of yet another display of his taste of the strange and unusual. JTRA’s sound design is intense and full of flavor. A perfect close to an outstanding first at bat in the compilation field for D160.

Heaters Only Batch No.1 brings District160 for an all out party. There's something for everyone on this album. Buyer beware…. this HEATERS ONLY!

Official Release on District160 
Heaters Only Batch No. 1

released November 30, 2018 

Mastered by Juke Nukem 
Cover Art by Andrew DIFF