Initiate Project 184


Roland Jackson AKA DJ Rolow DJ Producer from Chicago IL has been producing Footwork music since the age of 15 mostly with his cousin YB (Official D160 Dancer) but the person who really lit Rolow's fire to start producing was his other cousin DJ Manny of Teklife.  With ties that run deep in the Footwork culture you can really hear Rolow's heart, soul, and passion into Project 184.

Project 184 features 4 tracks of straight up Chicago Footwork heat, the smooth pads through out the EP seem to bring your gaze to the night sky and make you feel as if you are floating over the Chicago skyline as the art depicts.  Rolow also samples Hip-Hop/Rap/R&B vocals his tacks which make the prefect fit for the dance floor.

We at D160 can't wait to hear your feed back whether you are DJing, footworking, or listening to this EP at the job. YOU are what keeps the Culture alive! SUPPORT EDUCATE CULTIVATE PERPETUATE

Produced by DJ Rolow of Teklife

Official release on District160

released April 26, 2018

Mixed & Mastered by HEADBUST MEGAFONE
Cover Art by Cuenique

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