Air Beach

Cover Art by Andrew DIFF

Cover Art by Andrew DIFF

What happens when you combine the futuristic genius of Andrew DIFF and the abstract style of JTRA?

Out comes a banger called Air Beach! If you could put this track into a champagne bottle, this is what you would pop on the victory lap. The collaboration mingles so well… um… you can’t truly tell which artist infused their prowess into it. Similar to a roller coaster in the summer, it takes up to the giant drop-off and hits you in the face with a punch of D160’s self-styled flavor.

Listen and enjoy!

Tones: Blue

Cover Art by Cuenique

Cover Art by Cuenique

Tones: Blue is the first volume of our brand new mini compilation series.  Each volume of Tones will be an EP sized compilation of various D160 artists and friends.

Tha Abacus kicks off the EP with his track, Gamble.  This track is soulful, loving and full of emotion. The airy chords are in perfect sync with the drum programing and soulful vocal samples. …It’s a peaceful vibe.

All She Say ft. Prizm, is another heater from the minds of Andrew DIFF and Juke Nukem. A summer jam with sights of crispy waves, the beach and a night out on the town. The lyrics that accompany this song, set the tone for those lovers on a boat, and partygoers on the dance floor.

Cuenique turns the party inside out with her track IanGivinYouShit. It's heavy on the bass. The drums pound deep into the depths of…give.. me.. more! It's fun, relentless and takes no prisoners.

JTRA storms the battlefield with Saber Calligraphy. This track is vintage JTRA. A suspenseful ride on a wave crashing towards a major metroplex. Strong with this one, the force is.

Thrash closes out Tones with Army Of Warriors. This one will get your feet moving for sure. Whether you’re in the lab or in a circle, AOW fuels that fire from start to finish.