D160 MIXclusive 008: JamFransisco on SHERELLE


SHERELLE was kind enough to have me on the show along with Mono. Much love and thank you for listening, feel free to share :)


DJ FLP x Monsuun - NO DRUGS
DJ Amex - JAZZ with El Blanco nino
DJ CHAP - Such Siren
Elliot Mess - Gratata
i:Machine - Blood in the Water
Kid Labor - Vanity Mpp
K.R Ufo - Confusion
Rod Lee - Workin' With (Sideswipe Edit)
Save Your (________) (leveled) 
Walters - Make it Bump
DJ Earl - Smoke dat green
6 Day of August - Crunk Soul
Krave - Wasted love
Metafloor & Sbass - Poppa Brick
J Nomad - Downfall feat. Crypticz
Camel Boy - weed and syrup
Jeanville - Drop the Bass down low
Breach - Jack (DJ FLP RMX)
Drop it feat FreshtillDef
DJ JOE - Touch dem Toes
DJ Earl - let's work
T rell - Yount Werk, Yount Eat
J Nomad Twelve Miles
Mono - home to me
Werklife -Yoin
The Renegades - Proxima Centauri
DJ Taye - Burnin' Ya Boa (feat. DJ Manny)
Scatta - On the beat feat. Surly (JBW)
Musical Mob - Pulse x (Anna Morgan Bootleg)