DJ Ends serves up Kraut Juke


DJ Ends jumps abroad for District160’s first international release, the Kraut Juke EP. With this healthy serving of energy and soul, you would be hard pressed to leave this dish at home.

Servus, the initial flavor of the release hits you first with it’s candid vibe and delightful drum sequencing. Zug Juke is that quality funk guaranteed to get people moving. Hin & Her is heavy on the soul and follows the EP yet refreshingly stands alone . Capri Juke is a fun, energetic track full of life. Rauch is the aftertaste. Taking you to that comforting atmosphere, so serene and abstract. Kraut Juke provides the listener with a definitive look into what Dj Ends is capable of.

Produced By: DJ Ends

Released: October 4, 2018


Cover Art By: Andrew DIFF