The Archer Project: Ultimate Dabs of Ranch


Fresh off an impressive body of work from 2018. JTRA returns with, The Archer Project: Ultimate Dabs of Ranch. His first release, the Travels Abroad EP was an audiobook of sorts, a culturally inspired tale of JTRA’s travels abroad. It broadened the sound of footwork from his perspective. The Archer Project is no different.

Just the Tip is a jewel to behold. This track is so much fun. Its funny. Its catchy and fast-paced. It’s cinematic and a true glimpse into:  

Who is this Archer?!?

Rampage showcases JTRAs evolution in sound design and over the top energy. His perceivable next level. Rampage starts off with a mind numbing bass drop that doesn't let up!  It’s frantic, chaotic and unapologetically Archer. Lastly, we step into the Danger Zone. The tune is rapid fire. Heavy on the bass with the vocal samples and chord instrumentation not falling far behind.

The Archer Project shows growth, evolution, and more importantly curiosity.

Produced by JTRA 
Mastered by Juke Nukem 
Cover Art by Cuenique