Juke vs Juke

Full steam ahead! D160 is leaving nothing but a cloud of dope releases this summer for all that love Juke, Footwork, and all 160BPM music. Followers should be expecting more and more content from the crew and affiliates as our label grows!

YES! We are just as excited as you are!

A while back Juke Nukem did a remix for Evolve's original track Ian Curtis, D160 decided this energetic tune needed a video treatment by our in house director Andrew DIFF.  As you watch the video you will notice the transitions are on point as they blend precisely with the percussion, hand claps, and note changes.

"...It takes a lot of time to put all the pieces together but the end result is butter, and that makes me happy" - DIFF

Hailing from the Valley of South Texas, Evolve has made a name for himself as a superb Hip-Hop emcee and founding member of Boom Bap Masterpiece. When Juke Nukem heard Evolve's track Ian Curtis, he had to do it to em and flip-it into a juke masterpiece. Sampling simply a few vocal bits and fire instrumentation, Juke was able to pick up the energy with his signature juke arrangement.

Later on we got word Eddie "Supa Juke" Harden wanted to do a video with us, we wasted no time, grabbed the gear and headed to St. Paul, MN. The viewer may notice we shot the video on the school grounds of Central High. A location Supa Juke hand-picked for its nostalgic aura. A place he learned how to footwork through the halls as a youth growing up in Minnesota. So it's only natural that he would bring out his best werks for the video.

Evolve - Ian Curtis(Juke Nukem RMX) will be available on the forthcoming D160 compilation!

Enjoy the video and stay tuned for the release set to launch at the end of summer 2018