FEATURE: Soar New Heights With The Hudson EP



Take a deep breath and let The Heights take you on a ride with their latest EP - Hudson. Delivering sounds that speak to the footworkers, this New Jersey duo - consisting of Los and Scatta, both from the ever respected Juke Bounce Werk crew -  put their creative minds together to bring you a unique blend of acid, soul, hip hop and footwork.

Opening with Get em, the reckoning vibes bring us back to what that life is all about, the hustle, the grind, with a hip hop influence. Watch Me (Heat Up) ft. Bassbear, Kush Jones x Swisha signifies everything a footwork dancer is about. Stylish beats, heavy on the high-hats and plenty of lows binding it all together. With lighter synths and a steady snare we are brought to an easy state toward the end. A stand out track and unique in style comes through on Unfair. Somewhat spooky, it is a reflection of so many smooth footwork tracks with atmospheric horns and low bassy kicks stretching out over the intro, finishing it out with a catchy juke vibe.

A sure favorite, #Blessed comes at us with familiar hip hop vocal loops, scattered snare, solid drum line and eerie synths to keep you moving. Not as dark or heavy as some of the other tracks on the EP but nevertheless just as hype.

We are brought into a world of some of the best producers in the game, providing variety in genre and style throughout the whole collection. Overall, a stand out EP for 2016.

Don’t be sleeping on this one, catch the preview on The Heights soundcloud now!  Then, pick up your copy on the JBW bandcamp, available 5/31/16:



Written by: XtraSlice/Edited by: JamFransisco