FEATURE: Nidali Records Is Back!

After a 5 year hiatus, Nidali Records is making a come back. Bringing you some of the finest in footwork from near and far and it all began in France 2003 as a non-profit organisation. A group of friends and artists decided to create another avenue to release, promote and distribute their music. Taking the meaning of “noise” from the ancient language Enochian, Nidali Records was born. Spending countless hours burning cd-r's to sell at local shows and to give to anyone who was into the music, the years passed by and the network they had created began to stretch beyond Europe and the UK. Not only in their line of music but adopting a variety of genres along the way.


But as people changed, and moved in their own directions Stephane was the only one left still running and contributing to the project.  Subsequently, making plans to move to Amsterdam, the label and it’s name began to fall by the wayside.

By 2013, Nidali was revived. Focusing on web releases via new platforms like Bandcamp, Juno Download and Soundcloud. Using social media to their advantage, the label took a new road into the sights of the electronic music community. Stephane began to make music again, continuing to run the label and pick up new artists in the juke/footwork realm. Collaborating with various producers and releasing his latest work as his better known name, Bahnhof::zoo. Then welcoming 0h85, the Wait 4 U release was the first EP Nidali had dropped by another artist since it’s reformation. Also joining the ranks is DJ Mobile with his latest Junglist EP. Check out the links below.

They have since collaborated with some of their close producer friends like DJ b3no (along with his Sublow brand) and CRZKNY, all expected to be dropping new heat very soon. Stay tuned for up and coming treats from Nidali Records. New EP’s by DJ Ends, Count Vanderhoff, another one from 0h85, blogs, remixes and more, it’s all happening so head over to Nidali Records to support, like and share.




Bahnhof zoo, Chicago:

DJ Mobile, Germany:

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DJ Ends, Germany:


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Written/Edited by JamFransisco