The Only Way To MOVE Is OUT


Teklife's Dj Taye is back to business with his recent release Move Out, although this review comes later than most, this is one we couldn’t pass up because it is another flame amongst burners in the Teklife catalogue. It’s high energy but fluid, chill but vivacious and it’s just what the footwork world needed to get us through 2016.

So to bring a District160 perspective, iamvictorious takes some time to break down the tracks for you.

A D160 and worldwide favorite Burnin Ya Boa featuring Dj Manny opens up the EP with strong soulful energy. This one is guaranteed to get footworkers worldwide battling it out. Dj Rashad’s influence is apparent with its spirited beat and punishing baseline.

Go To Sleep featuring Dj Earl is an easy vibe blended through a face paced tune. It could be considered abstract but it is catchy. With a vintage Teklife sound and the voice of Samuel L Jackson reading us through the children’s book Go the Fuck to Sleep by Adam Mansbach, we are taken onto a deeper level on this one, but no will be sleepin’.

I Need I Want is full of passion. The strong female vox samples play their part in a atmospheric trajectory of sounds. Classic drums and bass lines behind the synth make this track fitting for this release, and with Dj Manny in tow, this one is another top pick for the dancers.

Move Out - the title track closes out the EP nicely, cruising through the air and settling calmly in your ears. Wavey and seamless - this beat, whether you play it on headphones or your beefy monitors has got so much energy through it leaving you wanting just one more.

Even though short, this EP is pretty sweet, and overall it is a great addition to the footwork library. Being made by footworkers for the footworkers, giving it a genuine impression. Teklife are known and respected for quality and consistency and until we hear from Taye again, this one will be high on the radar for some time.

Written By: Iamvictorious/Edited by: JamFransisco