Soul Food With A Side Of Footwork

There is a lot to be said for Uncle Texx’s latest release Universe. Heavily influenced by the Chicago sound, he throws together a killer collection of sounds that brings a new flavor with each track.  JTRA breaks it down for you below, highlighting some of D160’s favorite tracks and giving our view of this solid release, so make sure to listen and show your support...

Pt. Y-O: This right here is definitely the meat of the plate. It's mean, it's got heat and it's gonna punch you in the mouth with violent vox that have been riddled by horrifying orchestral strings. That rhythm is relentless and guttural.

Free Fall pt. 2 (Shut the Fuk Up): Meema done blessed you with a second helping of meat cuz she know you need your protein. This time, the meat is much thicker than before. Meaner vox and rhythms amongst those dark orchestral vibes.

Ya Mothra: Aw hell, here comes the potatoes. And they stacked up high. As if you couldn't get more terrifying sounds, here they are, getting crammed down your throat. Hope you ain't got a gag reflex cuz these spuds are heaping mounds of orchestral stabs, and diverse rhythms. A minimal but effective track.

Fighttrak: Up next is a big scoop of mac n cheese to cover that palette in new flavors. This is where the SOUL really starts coming in to the release. Rock and orchestral cuts are glittered with intricate and rolling rhythms.

Nu Work: On this track we get some classic synths and heavy percussion that we like to hear, melting into those transient, tasteful chords. Moments of relaxation come and go to give you time to breath and enjoy yourself before you get juked out.

Groovin'16: You like yams? Good, cuz you getting something sweet with this track. A classic tune takes on a 160 revamp. Don't think the hook gonna be lacking cuz it brings that heat!

Yolanda(Edit): You need more veggies, so here's a side of greens. This is the strong point and core of the whole release. Funk at it's strongest. You gonna be moving your feet to these juke rhythms and you're gonna be smiling from all the feels you get from the delicious vocals.

World Famous: This is the essential cornbread track for your plate. You gonna be sopping up them juices on the dance floor because this track has all kinds of sounds and rhythms in its arsenal. Just listen and get to bouncin’.

Astrud: Soulful orchestral bits and lovely piano adorn this track and sweeten it up like a dollop of cranberry sauce. It brings a lighter side to the whole album, and it's laid back vox draw us toward the end with a catchy kick and smooth brush beats.

Blow Away: Meema was nice enough to give you a bowl of ice cream to go with all that goodness. Heavy rhythms twisted up in RnB cuts and distant, hollow samples. You can practically knock boots to this one.

Show: You thought there was just one flavor in that bowl of ice cream? You are wrong. It’s a banger of sorts and it’s made it’s way around the world very fast. Soothing minds near and far with an “easy now” melody and solid footwork cuts.

Requiem: A dark red will finish this one off nicely. A somber, but cruisy sound floating out of footwork land and laying its head over a rolling rhythm and trip hop vibes. It’s “old school” flavor finishes this album off nicely.

Written by: JTRA/Edited by: JamFransisco