File It Under Violet


Recognised as a footwork, jungle/drum’n’bass producer, Violet Systems, otherwise known as Kid Entropy or ‘Shiche’ of Japan’s bass collective Koklife is well known for his many musical facets. Having Dj’d since 1997, his talent for spanning across multiple genres is something to be admired.

As a proud Chicago resident with his hand set deep in the local Korean culture, Timothy Arnold Olson II is one to look for in the music community. His extensive catalogue proves his dedication and enthusiasm within the footwork culture. With participation in other musical endeavors, he has earned praise from around the globe.


Some of his best known work in the footwork field comes from collaborations and reworking tracks with Tekk Djz founder, Traxman. He also holds a special place alongside members of the Geto DJz and Teklife crew. Recently, he's been featured on the Red Bull Music Academy’s radio show with the likes of Jalen, Regent Street, Mel G, and Sinistarr.

"it was the perfect blend of artists packed within 2 hours of face melting footwork"

His current release Y-3, with FlexBlur, is a compelling story of movement and deep feelings brandishing style developed from his roots. Spine chilling snares echo through the funky animated themes, while the wavy bass and synths are sprinkled within a psychedelic tone.

With definite influences from his past, an ambient Chicago house vibe accompanies the soulfulness that exudes his nostalgic vinyl feel. Some would say his use of retro samples resonates throughout his catalog, with examples on labels such as Nausicaa Sound, Tenth Degree, Abyss, and JukeBounceWerk.

His desire to travel and share his talent moved him out of the black metal noise scene and into the footwork community with ease. Playing shows at Tedman’s Club, Kata Footwork Club and other subterranean circles within Chicago. Hearing the edge and originality in the music,  he  has bonded to footwork in particular. His main link to the community is seen through the online domain, where he continues to learn, encourage, and push others to be creative while cultivating the sound together.

Just as footwork is making it’s way around the world and organically pushing us all together, we move to the same beat and reflect the energy this culture has to offer.

We at D160 are proud to follow and support such a propelling force, expanding the genre and staying true to his unique style.  

Written by: Thrash/Edited by: jamfransisco