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How can we find chair caning repair in Albany CA

Do you have a chair that needs some tender loving care? Maybe it’s your grandma’s old couch or that battered wicker rocker you use on the porch.

You can find local chair caning repair near me on the Furniture Repair Directory(TM). These pros can reupholster your grandma’s old couch, refinish your battered kitchen table, or fix your wicker rocker.

Repairing a broken cane chair

Cane chairs are lightweight, durable and beautiful. They can be used indoors and outside on the lawn, adding a rustic appeal to any room. However, cane seats are often damaged and can need to be repaired.

The first step is to inspect the seat and see if it has cracks or dents. The smallest nicks or chips may need to be repaired with light sanding. While larger holes can need more extensive work.

You should also examine the chair caning repair near to see the frame. If it has any damage or is wobbly. You can fix broken chair frames by replacing the nails or screws or reinforcing them with wood epoxy.

Once the chair caning repair near me frame is in good condition. You can start repairing the cane seat on the chair on jardin wicker. It is a simple process, and you can find instructions on how to do it yourself at home.

Before you begin regaining the chair, make sure to remove all of the old cane from the seat. This can be done by using scissors or a box cutter.

To get started, measure the diameter of all of the drilled holes in the seat. To take measurements from the center hole to the center hole in the neighboring hole. This will guarantee that the gauge of strand cane you use for your project is appropriate.

Next, thread a long end of your cane through the drilled hole on the front rail of the chair caning repair near me and pull it up to the top. Then, from the bottom, bring it up to the back rail and peg it in that hole too.

Repairing a broken rattan chair

Rattan is a popular and durable material for making furniture. But it is also susceptible to breakage if not cared for properly.

Many rattan chairs can be repaired, restoring their original functionality and beauty. But before you begin, it’s important to ensure that you have removed any surface dust and dirt. You can do this with a brush, but it’s easier to use a vacuum with the brush. But attachment to get into all the nooks and crevices.

You’ll also want to take out any broken strands of rattan that are visible. This can be a challenge, as rattan is so delicate, but it’s not impossible to repair.


  • The first step is to mix a two-part epoxy resin glue made specifically for repairing rattan. 
  • You can find this at an arts and crafts store or at a cane and basket supply shop.
  • After mixing the resin, cut a new rattan strand that is long enough to cover the broken strand you’re replacing.
  • Glue the new rattan strand into place, following the pattern of the existing rattan weave. 
  • You’ll need to ensure that the strand you replace is longer than the broken. But one so that you have a little wiggle room in the repairs.
  • Next, use a small sculpting tool to mold the new strand into the same shape as the damaged rattan strand. 
  • Once the strand is in its correct shape, you’ll need to leave it to dry.

This may take some time, so working in small sections is a good idea. Once the strand is completely dry. But you’ll need to sand it down and apply a layer of varnish. To protect it against future wear and tear.

Repairing a broken chair caning repair

Chairs are built with many parts that can get worn down with use. This means that a chair can crack, split, or even loosen over time. Fortunately, many small woodworking repairs can be made to keep your chairs caning repair near me. Working well and looking their best.

The most common fix for a loose leg or rung is to push some type of glue into the joints. This is great for a quick fix, but it might not be the greatest approach for longer-term fixes.

A more permanent repair is to separate the part from the chair frame and replace it with a similar. Undamaged part that you can replicate at a millwork or woodworking shop. This can be a great way to preserve the integrity of your chair while saving money and time.

Mechanical fastener

Another option is to install a mechanical fastener. Such as an angle brace or a chair leg brace, in the joint between the frame and the chair leg. These braces are not a replacement for the tenon and mortise that creates the joint. but they can make a very tight fit.

Make sure before use

If you decide to use a mechanical fastener, be sure to follow all safety rules before attempting to do so. If you don’t, a metal reinforcement can weaken the joint and cause it to fail again.

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