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Choosing The Best Kind Of Ramp For Disabled

We frequently see ramps in the building, hospitals as well as other places. They provide secure access for those with disabilities or wheelchairs, and to others who walk. Ramps are crucial for many reasons, including your workplace, your home, or wherever else ramps help people to stroll.

There are an array of accessible ramps available however there are certain ones that are most appropriate for those with disabilities. 

In this article, we’ll examine the most suitable ramps that are suitable for disabled people.

What is a RAMP?

Access ramps are elevated surfaces and are specifically designed for people users who are unable to use stairs and require external assistance to traverse the floors of a structure, it is made to transport stretchers or wheelchairs from one location to the next or from one level in the structure to another.

Ramps are portable, but those that are fixed as well. They are constructed of cement and heavy materials which makes them permanent in contrast, ramps that are portable ramps for wheelchairs are constructed from materials like iron and aluminum and have the advantage of folding.


1. Permanent Ramp:

It is constructed of various materials such as aluminum, and wood and installed in a specific location. They are attractive when compared to mobile ones. They are typically used in the entryway. The people who ride mobility scooters generally prefer this type of ramp. They are also useful if you have a disabled person living in your home.

2. Threshold Ramps:

These ramps are affordable and lightweight. It also provides fantastic mobility solutions for people who use scooters, wheelchairs, or walkers to get around. They can be used inside and outside of the doorway. They are lightweight, which means they’re ideal to be used both inside and outside of the home.

3. Vehicle Access Ramps

  • The ramps for access are designed to assist wheelchairs in getting into and out of vehicles. Wheelchairs are often heavy to carry, therefore these types of ramps can be used for lifting the mobility aid inside the vehicle. They are also light and simple to transport.
  • These ramps are among the best ramps to be used by handicapped people.
  • They are the most suitable ramps to access for the needs of people with disabilities. They are able to be used for transporting mobility aids and mobile objects that are utilized by people with disabilities including carts, wheelchairs and mobility scooters and more. In addition, they can also be utilized for pushing strollers.
  • For those who require external assistance, like human assistance, for example, blind people of sight require a person to assist them. In this case, ramps of access could be beneficial.
  • A person who is blind can sit in a wheelchair and assist the ability to walk around in an establishment or hospital or where they require to move.

4. Telescoping Ramps:

  • This is a kind of ramp that allows access to those who have mobility scooters and wheelchairs cannot access.
  • Access ramps like these are appropriate for people with difficulties with mobility and require access to areas that are wheelchair-inaccessible.
  • It typically consists of two channels that are connected by telescopic cables.
  • They offer access to uneven places, and due to their small size, they are easy to fold and take wherever they want to make it easy to use, accessible, and assistance for handicapped individuals.

These were the types of ramps that met the needs of people with disabilities.

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