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As an affiliate marketer, everything we do is aimed at driving traffic to our website, squeeze page, affiliate sales letter or blog.

Why are we posting comments on another marketer blog? Do we comment to provide higher quality content, or do we post a comment to get credit for a backlink?

After looking at blog post comments for a while, I’m convinced that most blog commenters comment for the backlink and not to provide quality information. I’m not talking about those insane people who post rude comments. I’m talking about those comments that say “nice post”, ” you have a good idea”. These comments do not add anything to the information presented in the blog post. This is why many blogs have a no-follow tag. Search engine spiders do not recognize a URL with a no-follow tag and. therefore no backlink credit for the commenter.

Let’s bookmark our articles on social bookmarking sites to get our articles published or to get backlink credit.

social bookmarking

What I’ve seen from the social bookmarking sites is that most bookmarks provide a backlink and maybe a click to your URL . Bookmarking multiple social sites will give  Firmenlogo  multiple backlinks. Sometimes your bookmarked article becomes very popular and viral. In this case, the many clicks on your website’s affiliate link far overshadow the value of a backlink. Happens. I would highly recommend bookmarking your quality items and then crossing your fingers.

Do we visit and comment on the forums with the signature file in place in the hope that some forum visitors will click our signature file link, or do we post on forums to get backlinks?

Some of the more popular forums have a nofollow tag. Not all just some. Form posters used some sneaky tactics to include multiple backlinks in each post, and the forum admins countered by making all links nofollow links. If you post on these pages, your URL will be shown to a forum visitor to click on, but no backlink credit.

dofollow forum sites

There are still many dofollow forum sites you can join and post for backlink recognition. A word of caution. Many forum followers find that Google is able to differentiate between those who only post on dofollow forums and/or blogs and those who post on dofollow and nofollow blogs. The thought is that those who only post on dofollow are no way the backlinks would form naturally. A slap in the face can be the result. I’m going to play it safe and include both of them for a while.

There is an online site that invites you to post information on their site and you get a backlink in return. Under your information post, they place your link along with a snapshot of your site’s home page. I posted on their website to see if this really helps me. This site is called Qondio. I would say the site falls somewhere between a social bookmarking site and an article site. Probably closer to a bookmarking site.

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