Common Line Marking Mistakes

When faced with a Line Marking Gold Coast task, it is tempting to believe that practically anyone can complete it. In the end, it’s just a matter of laying lines and words on the ground, correct? The reply is no! 

An accurate line marking task requires considerably more than this. It requires significant planning and preparation, as well as specialised skills and equipment, to guarantee that the jobis performed appropriately and to satisfaction.

Several common errors can occur if you do not choose a qualified company to perform your line marking requirements. These include:

Using inappropriate paint. Before undertaking a line marking project, it is vital to analyse the surface’s characteristics. Not all paints and sealants are compatible with all surfaces. If you use improper paint or sealer for the surface at your construction site, the paint may not settle correctly. 

Many oil-based paints, for instance, are incompatible with asphalt. Additionally, certain applications will be more appropriate for high-traffic locations than others. Only an experienced business specialising in line marking will know which paints, sealers, and treatments will perform optimally on your site to match your specifications.

All line marking jobs should conform to Australian regulations and industry best practices, but your site won’t be compliant if they don’t. An expert line marking company can ensure that all applicable regulations and standards execute your project.

Inadequate site preparation, such as not removing waste like gravel, oil, garbage, and dirt before beginning the line marking task. Paint delamination, in which individual layers of paint peel away from one another, can occur if this step is skipped.

Applying a line marking solution that does not fulfil its intended purpose – every line marking job is developed for a particular purpose. The work may not meet its intended purpose if the correct application is not employed. Occasionally, marks are not adequately reflective due to low-quality glass beads or the wrong paint/sealant. 

In addition, anti-skid / anti-slip line markings may not function since the beads have not been completely encapsulated in the paint, resulting in the beads readily detaching from the surface. This will result in a reduction in the skid rating. An experienced company in line marking will know to guarantee that the applications utilized get the desired results.

Text or numbers are difficult to understand – many smaller or unskilled companies do not employ excellent stencils for their projects, resulting in illegible text or numbers. In certain instances, even the spelling is wrong. Text and illegible numerals can confuse and cause accidents and injuries, which must be avoided at all costs.

If you’re searching for a quality line marking company in Australia, Angle Linemarking offers a wide range of innovative, Line Marking services to a range of businesses and customers in the Industrial, Commercial and Residential sector.

Angle Line Marking can offer the following services for your next project; Road services, Car Park solutions, Safety Line Marking, Commercial Line Marking, Industrial Line Marking, Residential Line Marking, Line Removal / Grinding, Installations and Sports Courts & Pressure Cleaning.


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