Create Beautiful Curtains in Minutes Without Needing to Know How to Sew

Those of you who would like to make curtains for your home but don’t know how to use a sewing machine need not despair; there is a solution! A method that doesn’t require so much as threading a needle. Making your curtains could be appealing for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you have spotted a fantastic fabric, but no ready-made curtains are made from it. In some cases, the expense of ordering tailored curtains may outweigh the benefits, such as when the window sizes are unusual. Perhaps you simply have the urge to experiment.

No matter your motivation, it’s possible to whip up a basic pair of 90×72 curtains in an afternoon and customize them to your heart’s content without resorting to a sewing machine or hours of laborious hand sewing. Steam iron and iron-on double-sided fabric tape, which functions like fabric glue, are also required. If you plan on using an iron to press the fabric, make sure it can withstand heat.

Take Measurements and Cut

If you want to make your curtains, you’ll need to measure your windows and cut a panel that’s 4 inches wider than your window and 10 inches longer than the drop you want your curtains to have. Remember to measure from where your curtain rod is fixed when measuring the length you require.

Clean up the edges

Curtains can be hemmed by folding each side in by an inch toward the wrong side of the fabric, pressing, and repeating this step once more. Make sure the seams are straight and then use the fabric tape to secure the seams in place according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Make a header for the casement.

The width of the channel formed by the top seam must correspond to the diameter of the curtain rod or pole. Produce a groove three times the width of the curtain rod’s diameter (one inch in this case). Create the three-inch channel by folding the top of the curtain under an inch, pressing, and fixing this neat edge with the fabric tape. Then, create the three-inch channel by folding the bottom of the curtain in an additional three inches and fixing this seam with the fabric tape.

Put up the Drapes

Mark the floor height with your marker after you’ve hung the curtains on the rod.

Complete the Window Treatments

If there is excess fabric along the bottom edge of the curtain, trim it. To make a curtain panel the right size, fold in the excess fabric by an inch and secure it with iron-on fabric tape at the bottom.

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