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Ironically, a’ credit’ card is frequently considered as a debt instrument. In India, as of 2019, there were roughly 48.9 million active credit card druggies. 

 The agreement rests on the fact that retaining this card is a trap. To maintain fiscal well- being, you must avoid applying for one. 

 but this is not inescapably true. 

 while the agreement holds some base, it doesn’t paint the entire picture. the counter accusations of a credit card depend upon its proprietor- for what purposes do they use it? and how is the after- calculation handled each month? 

 This is what this composition talks about. As we move across a more intertwined frugality, firestone credit card login  with rising costs and technological advancements, holding a stylish credit card is a smarter choice in the 21st century. 

 5 ways you can work a credit card to your benefit 

 dodge interest penalties 

 a bank gifts you the freedom( under a set credit limit, of course) to take over hassle-free deals each month. what it asks in return is for you to enjoy the responsibility for paying your bills on time. 

 it’s a fair deal if you suppose about it. the bank gives you plutocrat when you need it; activate card you pay back the bank in fixed intervals. 

 While a periodic figure is needed to keep the card active, it doesn’t drill significant holes in your pockets. 

 The challenge arises when the druggies either do not clear the pretenses in full or avoid paying them in a set month. as with any loan, the bank is obliged to charge you an interest figure for this action. and these interest freights may drain your savings. 

 Still, it’s prudent to pay the due on time, if you want to avoid similar fresh burdens. that way, you are using the card to your benefit without incurring gratuitous costs. 

 make healthy credit histories 

 credit scores are 3- number figures floating between 300- 900. the closer your profile skews to 900, the stronger your score and credit profile. 

 you may wonder, how can this score make any difference in your lives? 

 The answer is, these benefits are multifold. Before unraveling those, let’s look at how you can make a good credit score in the first place. 

 prepayment history: do you pay your pretenses on time? If you miss them, what’s the late- payment timeline and frequency? 

 credit- application rate whilst a bank provides a generous credit limit to your disposal, it’s wise not to use further than 30- 35 of the same. the reason- it’s fairly easy to cross this threshold, which does further detriment than you can imagine. 

 accounts how numerous credit cards are registered under your name? how well do you abide by the payment history, inclusively? 

 types do you have a diversified range of cards for different purposes? if so, how well are those maintained? this factor is insignificant as compared to the bones

 over, but it’s an important element for erecting a good credit history. 

 still, you are eligible for the following benefits 

 if you meet these’re blessed with increased credibility to acquire home loans, auto loans, education loans, or any other particular loan. 

 former credit history gives you the power to negotiate for lowered interest rates and advanced credit limits when opening new accounts. 

 in the unwarranted case of an exigency that requires a fat infusion of plutocrat, a good credit history improves the probability of securing instant blessings. 

 enjoy prices and cashback 

 one major benefit of holding and spending from credit cards is the multiple prices available for redemption. depending upon your issuing bank, utmost of the purchases are accompanied with cashback and prices programs for the druggies. 

 prices come in handy as points, trip credits( frequent- leaflet credits), complimentary purchases, and abatements. cashback points may be stingy, but they amount to reasonable quantities upon accumulation over 6 months to 1 time. 

 a caveat to look out for is that druggies frequently forget these benefits are eligible under a set timeline. under this environment, they do not redeem their benefits and frequently condemn it on credit card functionings. 

 still, it’s helpful to check their collaboration mates, give- back quantities, if you are looking for certain types of benefits. 

 this is not all. how does the study of earning prices on credit card bill payment sound? 

 instigative, right? 

 this is what CRED has to offer. when you pay your bills using their platform, with each sale, you admit CRED coins and gems to redeem prices that suit your tastes. 

 with heavy pretenses like rents, choosing CRED rentpay gives 45 days of free credit, redundant price points, and a happy landlord. the platform pushes out memorial announcements that help pay your pretenses on time. 

 but not everyone gets this class. the holders with strong credit histories are eligible to reap the platform’s benefits. 

 maintain a tab 

 while it’s accessible to swipe the card for instant purchases, you must maintain a tab of these charges. the reason you fall into a debt trap is that you are ignorant of the quantum you are going to owe to the bank. 

 unfortunately, in this process, the credit card takes a megahit on its character. 

 take advantage of 0 introductory APRs 

 still, take advantage of 0 introductory APRs( periodic chance rate), if an precious purchase is on the cards. 


 numerous companies offer a sign- up perk and waive off interest conditions for set ages. in similar cases, what would you prefer? drawing down on your savings or applying for similar cards? 

 let’s understand this with an illustration 

 suppose you are looking to buy an electronic product, say, an iMac. you can probe offers that stylish align with your thing and give you a longer 0 apr period. 

 after applying for a  and making the sale, avoid using this card for other charges until you pay off the quantum. 

 calculate the time left and divide it inversely card amongst each month. this way, you

 are apprehensive of your yearly charges 

 avoid hefty interest payments 

 unalter your savings reserves 

 acquire promising sign- up perk points

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