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One of the most effective ways to get dofollow backlinks that search engines actually count is by commenting on dofollow blogs. You need to add value to your comment to show that you’re not just there for a link. Think about adding some information to the post, maybe share your own experience or add other useful resources to make your comment more valuable.

There are some do-follow lists that have hundreds of links to blogs that have the “no follow” link disabled in the comments. So when you comment on these sites you get an actual link back to your site. These blogs have the unfollow link disabled in the comments. This means that if you comment on these pages, you will get an actual link. I used to think that to get links to my new niche site I should just search and comment on blogs and spam, but that’s no longer true.

Search for dofollow blogs

A tool called DoFellow (search for it on Google) allows you to find relevant dofollow blogs to post your comments and links with, meaning you have so many free and easy blog comment links to your site can get as you like. If you have a dofollow blog yourself, there  backlinks kaufen  are many sites that list blogs so you can get links to your blog on all of them.

Unfortunately, if you own a DoFollow blog, you can get a lot of comment spam, so for those who enjoy commenting on DoFollow blogs, remember to leave genuine comments that add value to the post.

Do Follow and No Follow Backlinks – A FAQ for every Internet Marketer

As an internet marketer, you know that building links from other websites to your own, or getting “backlinks,” is incredibly important. However, what you may not understand is the difference between a nofollow and a dofollow backlink and what to do with them.

Here you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on the subject:

Why is link building so important?

Link building is important for any website, new or old, as it is essentially a quality indicator. It is one of the ways that search engines, especially Google, measure the quality and popularity of a website. Think of a website like a high school student and think of the SERPS as a popularity contest. Now consider every link pointing back to your site from another site as a vote of confidence that “your site is cool”. In order to do well in the SERPS, a website needs, among other things, several votes of confidence. The concept is of course much more complex, but this analogy works well, especially for new marketers.

What is “Linkjuice” and why is IT so important?

It’s important because these links and their passing PR can give you a ranking advantage, change the way a search engine views your site for the better, and improve your position in the SERPS.

Can you define “nofollow” vs. “dofollow”?

Nofollow links that cannot pass their PR to other sites.

Dofollow links that can pass their PR to other sites.

Why are “dofollow” links so special?

One reason for this is the transfer of PR from high PR sites to newer sites. However, PR becomes less and less important with every change in the Google algorithm.

How to recognize dofollow links?

However, if you aren’t using a tool and are wondering how to detect dofollow, then you need to do something different. If this attribute is not present, it is a dofollow site.

Are nofollow links really worth it?

Yes they are. Each search engine treats these links a little differently, and their algorithms are always changing, so it’s best not to demote these types of links.

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