Easy Ways to Make Your Dollhouse Stand Out

A beautiful dollhouse full of well-designed furniture is the foundation of any great dollhouse display, but what about those small details that can really help everything come to life?

In this quick article we’ll highlight some easy ways to really improve the look and feel of your dollhouse, including the use of dollhouse tiles, lighting fixtures, and more!

Add Some Realism With Tile Flooring or Wall Tiles

Think about how tiling adds so much texture, depth, and style to a real home. You can achieve similar effects by adding dollhouse tiles into your dollhouse! The benefit here is you really have a lot of control of how you want a certain room to appear.

Tile flooring adds elegance and dimension to a space – it can help make it feel more upscale, or meticulously designed. Beautiful bathroom tiles for dollhouses are a great example of an easy way to make a dollhouse bathroom look and feel like the real deal. Plus, you can add accessories and decor that match the style of tiling that you choose.

This is an easy tip that can add coherence and beauty to an otherwise bland setup.

If you are lost on where to find dollhouse tiles, we recommend Dollhouse City. They have an incredible selection of floor tiles for dollhouses, as well as other flooring options that may be just what you need to add that extra bit of pop!

Work on the Lighting

You don’t necessarily need a bunch of furniture pieces for your dollhouse in order to give it a realistic or lived-in look. Or to bring it to life for that matter. Sometimes all you need is the right lighting.

Lighting elements are critical in real homes and are similarly important when putting together a beautiful doll house display. The way shadows fall over your dollhouse furniture for instance can play a huge role in how the overall display appears, especially from certain angles. If you find that your furniture pieces appear dull or uninteresting, it might be the lighting that’s to blame.

Be sure to look around for various options for dollhouse lighting, such as chandeliers and even the lighting you are using in the room your dollhouse sits in! Nothing worse than a beautiful dollhouse in a room that hardly has any flattering light.

Accessories and More

Furniture is one thing, but what about the decor? These are the smaller elements that can really help bring a display to another level of elegance and eye-catching enjoyment.

Dollhouse tiles are a great example of a small but worthy element to add, but you can also include rugs, lamps, vases, toys, musical instruments, curtains, wallpaper, and other related elements. Certainly, you shouldn’t want your dollhouse to feel cluttered, but a bit of extra decor can go a long way if you want to transition your display from dull to lively! Consider adding specific decor pieces in areas that feel empty, and don’t forget to consider the lighting during the whole process.

Need a little help finding everything you need for your next dollhouse? Dollhouse City has just about everything you could ever need in order to fill your dollhouse up with all the right furniture, decor, and other essentials. From dollhouse tiles to dressers, sofas, lighting fixtures, washers and dryers, entertainment centers, Victorian style dollhouse furniture, and more, they have it all available online.

Don’t let your display turn out lifeless. Make it as charming or realistic as you want with the pretty and inspirational furniture and accessories from Dollhouse City!

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