Embrace Progress Not Perfection

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I write, and I’m recovering from the addiction of a loved one. While there are many differences Progress between them, however there are some similarities. I’m struggling to master both. Let me say it, it’s not easy.

Fran Simone is Professor Emeritus at Marshall University, South Charleston Campus, West Virginia where she headed the West Virginia Writing Project, an affiliate in the state of West Virginia from the National Progress Writing Project (University of California at Berkeley). She wrote a memoir called Dark Wine Waters: A Lover of a Thousand Joys and Sighs is published in 2014 in 2014 by Central Recovery Press (2014). Fran often speaks about addiction from the perspective of a loved one’s viewpoint and leads seminars on the writing process.  


Both require discipline and a constant effort. Writers must establish routines to put their feet in their seats, stare at a blank computer screen, and write the initial draft. Without a routine, ideas are lost and creativity gets CBD Dietitian stifled. In the same way, family members need to set boundaries in order to stay away from the path of addiction as well as to modify their behaviour. In the absence of boundaries, addicts continue to use alcohol and drugs, and their families and family members are afflicted. It’s not straightforward.

 As an example when I sit with my feet into my seat, I frequently spend my writing time browsing emails, checking the internet or sending messages to Facebook as well as Twitter. When I didn’t set boundaries with my son who is now an adult I spent years worrying and pondering. I was unable to control Progress my desire to be in control of my son. The process of changing both my writing and my enabling behavior has been a continuous challenge.


Anne Lamott wrote, “For me, and a lot of other writers I have met writing isn’t a rapturous experience. The only method cbd sports cream to write anything even if it’s not rapturous is to write extremely snarky drafts”. In order to polish the first draft, the writer has to revise. Many times, she must revise it repeatedly. She must figure out what she should leave in and (more important) what to take out. To loved ones addiction is an overwhelming burden. The only way to ease the burden is to change our thoughts, attitudes, and actions. What should we put in, and what do we need to take out?

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