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HEAVY HEAT [Synergy Launch]

  • Reed College 3203 Southeast Woodstock Boulevard Portland, OR, 97202 United States (map)

RP Boo

Originator of Chicago Footwork

RP Boo’s sound and style is known to grab your attention after he presses PLAY during his live performances because its guaranteed the music will leave the crowd no choice but groove to the abstract blends and chant BUUUUUUUUUU!

Rolling Stone

Elysia Crampton
[performing "Dissolution of the Sovereign: A Time Slide into the Future"]

Elysia Crampton is a Bolivian-American electronic musician. Her work is known for its exploration of Latina and queer identity, subversion of macho cultural tropes, and frequent utilization of samples of pop music. She will be performing her elaborate A/V piece, Dissolution of the Sovereign: A Time Slide into the Future ("where radical queerness is explored through the lens of science fiction" - Pitchfork). 

from THUMP: Elysia Crampton's new live set is a mammoth production, at least temporally speaking. "It starts in September of 1782," she tells me, sitting across from me at a table in Lincoln Center's David Rubenstein Atrium on a grey June afternoon in Manhattan. "Actually... it starts with the creation of the world." She looks around, taking in the vaulted, cavernous interior of the lobby and cafe, which stretches across an entire block of 62nd Street, all the way from Broadway to 9th Avenue. "It encapsulates an eternity."


THUMP Feature

Pitchfork 8.2/10

SPIN 8/10 

Tiny Mixtapes 4.5/5 (Eureka) 


Support from:

DJ J Heat
DJ Noir
J. Arthur

Massacooramaan is the production and DJ moniker of photojournalist Dave Quam. Born and raised Portland, he moved to Chicago in 2005 to study photography, film, and sound at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. During his time as a student, he started Djing and discussing music from all over the globe on his blog It’s After the End of the World. He rose to international attention through his writing and photos of then underground juke and footwork artists of his adopted home, which were some of the first to thoroughly document the scene. Since then, his work has been published in magazines such as Spin, XLR8R, The Wire, and Red Bull Music Academy’s online content. He recently relocated back to his hometown of Portland, and has been DJing all over the country, while spending lots of time in the studio making his own creations of experimental dance music. With a contempt for rhythmic regularity, he reconstructs juke, reggaeton, and other styles from various corners of the earth into his own twitching and brutal sound, as heard on his debut EP Dead Long Time on LAX-based DJ Kingdom’s Fade to Mind label. His DJ sets have a strong emphasis on current South American, Caribbean, and African dance music, as well as hyperlocal genres from US major cities, and imaginary metropolises that have yet to exist.

DJ J Heat, originally from Newark, is a prolific Jersey Club producer and remix artist on the cusp of entering the international stage, further elevating the sound of Jersey worldwide. His production is a forward-thinking blend of various styles in which the sounds of his native New Jersey embrace an eclectic combination of European electronic dance & experimental genres, as well as other various forms of production found worldwide. With his debut EP scheduled for release on London’s Night Slugs label, an official remix for M.E.S.H. (PAN- Berlin), collaborations with Lido, CLUBJERSEY (UK Label), the notorious East Coast club music collective Brick Bandits and more, DJ J Heat continues to establish himself as an innovator of jersey club, pushing the genre’s boundaries and pioneering its evolution in unexplored domains.

DJ Noir is one of co-founders of Juke Bounce Werk, a Los Angeles based Juke/Footwork/Ghetto Music collective established in 2013. Determined to nurture the culture of Chicago footwork in Los Angeles, Noir, in collaboration with J Drago and Sonic D, created this collective to host like-minded juke/footwork producers from all over the world and release their music online under the collective’s name. JBW runs a weekly party in Los Angeles's Little Tokyo called Rocksteady. Noir is returning to Portland for the third time in 2016 after two very positively received performances at S1 and Renn Fayre's Green Lodge.

NEYBUU makes experimental dance music informed by years of tabla study in India under a great master. Her deep love for dance, along with an ever-evolving electronic setup, make for genre bending and energetic live sets. Her setup of Elektron machines, vocals, and live tabla loops allows for a unique and improvisational performance style.

J. Arthur is an artist based in Portland, OR. A self-taught electronic musician and coder, J. Arthur repurposes recordings from a four-track constantly carried on their person as source material for sonic landscapes. Their set will unite improvisational techniques from modal jazz with generative algorithms and recontextualized speech. Their musical output spans ambient, minimal electronic, hip-hop and techno. J. A. is currently acting as an audio engineer for the Portland venue S1. J. Arthur will be providing visual support for the night.