Explain Orthopedic disorders, their signs, and treatment options

Orthopedic disorders

Orthopedic disorders refer to children’s musculoskeletal systems (bones, ligaments, muscles, and joints). The Pediatric Orthopedics Doctor in Ludhiana describes that these issues start developing in infants when they are in their mother’s uterus and eventually already appear at birth. Certain diseases, toxin ingestion illnesses, and gene abnormalities during pregnancy lead to congenital disabilities. Many orthopedic congenital disabilities correct themselves over time. However, others don’t. They need the necessary treatment, and if they are left untreated, it may result in the following issues:

  • Bone destruction.
  • Arthritis in later life.
  • Deformities in muscles, bones, and joints limbs.
  • Difficulty walking and running.

What causes Orthopedic disorders?

Congenital orthopedic issues start affecting babies when they are in their mother’s stomachs. Problems arising in a baby’s bone and muscle tissue development during pregnancy lead to orthopedic problems. On the contrary, several orthopedic congenital disabilities come in front with unknown causes along with certain risk factors. These are:

  • Irrelevant position of a baby in the uterus.
  • Chromosomal diseases.
  • Heavy consumption of alcohol, cigarette, and smoke.
  • Certain infections during pregnancy (such as chicken pox, german measles, and so on),
  • Hereditary abnormal genes.
  • Previous disease history that continues, such as thyroid disease, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, etcetera.
  • Taking illicit drugs.
  • The consumption of prohibited medications during pregnancy.
  • Exposure to certain chemicals and radiations.

How to recognize symptoms of Orthopedic disorders?

The signs of congenital orthopedic disorders rely on a particular kind of problem that a baby has. These diseases and their indications may vary in their effect on a child’s health. Check the following signs that a child may develop during orthopedic ailments. These are:

  • Bone infection.
  • Clubfoot.
  • Kyphosis and bowed spine.
  • Osteogenesis imperfect.
  • Missing limb and limb defects.
  • DDH (Developmental dysplasia of the hip).
  • Scoliosis (crooked spine).
  • Metatarsus adductus & curved foot.
  • Muscular dystrophy.

How to rectify Orthopedic disorders?

Apart from visible orthopedic diseases, there are numerous issues only a doctor can explain after performing specific tests to diagnose the actual root cause of the problem among children. They use different machines to diagnose problems, such as X-rays, CT (Computed tomography) & MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) scans, biopsies of muscles and bones, etcetera. They use microscopes to rectify the actual causes of the issues by accurately measuring them in the laboratory environment. Apart from this, if needed, a doctor may suggest urine and blood tests to determine the infection & enzyme problem.

Additionally, a pediatric orthopedics doctor may also ask for EMG (electromyogram), muscular dystrophy, and EKG (electrocardiogram) tests if previous tests do not show significant results. These days, due to the advancement of medical technology, the genetic testing procedure comes into action to identify before birth (during the pre-natal stage) or right after birth baby issues.

Treatment for orthopedic diseases: After testing and scans, a pediatrician knows about the actual problems and begins your baby’s treatment accordingly. If there are any bone-related issues, they perform the surgical treatment to turn defective bones into the proper position. To strengthen motion-related orders, they recommend physical and occupational therapy for those unable to dress up, eat or manage their things on their own.

COD’s Clinic is one of the best orthopedic hospitals for children. If your child is dealing with any joints and bone-related issues, etcetera, you must reach our place to opt for the best treatment options. 

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