Feeling the Rhythm Through Rhyme

An expert drummer/percussionist and instructor, Dave has teamed up on numerous tunes that later prompted him composing verses of his own. The greater part of his sonnets in this book were as a matter of fact at first composed as tune verses, subsequently the presence of rehashing melodies however out. As a matter of fact it was Dave who previously started the thought for the Brummet’s to walk this way they proceed today – he chose to take an essayist’s course to realize how he could possibly manage his brief tales that he has ordered throughout the long term. The majority of those accounts have stayed unpublished right up ’til now because of different undertakings coming first, yet Dave plans to deliver some sooner rather than later. His sonnet “UFO Dream” is the subject of one of his prospective books that he has been chipping away at.

Go along with us while we share 2 sonnets excerpted from the cooperative work with his significant other: Beat and Rhyme

Grooveyard – By D Brummet

Creator note: My postulation on the wizardry of the force of music. How it gets us youthful and takes us far from the blues of daily existence. I accept the component separates individuals who play music from those that don’t. We can sit in that sandbox and play cool as a cucumber for what is happening around us at that point.

As kids we play, in the soil we get down

Absent to all that is continuing all over.

Then we grow up and we appear to lose

That capacity to stop the world’s blues.

We will more often than not get tangled in each day’s anguish

With practically no result to get some alleviation.

Making music it appears, resembles being a youngster by and by

Pretty much nothing else has any meaning it’s simply you and your companions.

At the point when we go play we can undoubtedly neglect

Every one of the upsetting things that make all of us fret.

However assuming that we neglect to stop and to play

We have lost the force of the youngster’s way

In the Grooveyard – Sitting in the sandbox

Playing in the playpen – Being with your companions and

Going to the Grooveyard – You don’t need to really buckle down

However, to take a section – You must have heart while you’re

In the Grooveyard

You might be wiped out and you could feel down.

Things in your reality are turning you around,

Yet, music has charms to sooth that monster

It generally works – you must attempt it in any event.

We’ve attempted the beverages and lines to make things swirling

In any case, nothing has the kick that making music does.


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