Find Out The Perfect Size For Your Teeth With This Number Chart

A recent survey asked American adults about their teeth size and number, and the results aren’t so great! Only 29% have 32 teeth, meaning 71% of Americans have less than the perfect amount of teeth. This can lead to problems like underbites, overcrowding, and gaps between teeth—problems that affect not only your smile, but also your speech and chewing habits. Find out more about what the perfect teeth number chart is and how you can get it with this handy chart!


The process of straightening teeth can be a long one, so it’s important to know what size you want your teeth to be. The orthodontist near me says it’s important to make sure that your teeth are not only straight, but also proportionate with each other. If your front tooth is too big, then this will make your bottom row of teeth look smaller than they really are. You want to strike a balance between how they look and how they fit together in order to get the perfect smile.

The most important thing is to find an orthodontist near me who has experience working with people who have different needs when it comes to their teeth size.

How To Measure Tooth Size

In order to measure your teeth size, you will need a ruler or string and a pencil. Place the ruler against your upper teeth and use the pencil to mark where it touches on the ruler. Now take that measurement and add 1/4 inch to it. The measurement you get should be in millimeters. To convert mm into inches, just multiply by 0.03937 inches per mm. For example, if your tooth size is 15mm, then you can multiply by 0.03937 to find out that your tooth size is 5/8 of an inch (or 2 cm).

Factors That Affect Tooth Size

The size of your teeth will be affected by a variety of factors. These include genetics, how healthy your diet is, and if you wear braces or retainers. In addition, tooth size can also be impacted by age. Adults tend to have smaller teeth than children because their jaws grow as they age and the dental arches widen. The only way to know what is the perfect size for your teeth is to see an orthodontist near me.

The Ideal Tooth Size Chart

The size of your teeth can have an impact on many aspects of your life. For example, if you are interested in getting braces, it’s important to know what size teeth you have so that you can find out how much dental work might need to be done. Dental braces can cost thousands of dollars, which is why it’s important to get them from a reputable orthodontist near me like Sean Davis Orthodontics.



A common misconception is that teeth should be perfectly straight, but that’s not true. In fact, most people have crooked teeth with a few crowding or spaces. The key is to find the perfect balance of straightness and crowding. In general, you want your teeth to be about one size up from what you were born with (e.g., if you were born with an underbite and overbite, then your ideal teeth size would be an overbite).

If this number doesn’t work for you, then consult with a professional orthodontist near me for more information about what steps to take next.

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