Five things you never knew about walls

Listed below are 5 things that you always wanted to know about these wall tapestries:

  1. Wall tapestries? What are they after all?

Wall tapestries are the most versatile product that can change the look of a room in a very bold way. Before we start let’s have a look at what actually is a wall tapestry. Tapestries are basically large, woven textiles displaying an elaborate design. They can instantly add a pop of colour and vibrancy to your living space or wherever you choose to hang and display it. Different tapestry conveys different emotions and adds to their environment differently. 


Every wall tapestry has its own vibe and message attached to itself. They lift the energy in your room and help in creating an atmosphere of serenity. Although woven tapestries are still available in the modern world but now the word tapestry refers to literally any piece of fabric designed to hang on a wall. These tapestries are used to cover furniture, walls, or floors or even for the decoration of clothes. These artworks encourage reflective and tranquil moments and enlighten the human spirit. These can also be a great subject of conversation apart from elevating our personal space and adding charm and cosiness to our homes. These wall tapestries can be the balm for our souls making them a popular choice amongst art lovers for can also do hospitality courses.


Mandala tapestries are very popular among the students. You can always find one hanging in their dorm room or in their first apartment.  You can also use them as beach blankets, bed covers, etc. mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol in both Hinduism and Buddhism and they represent the universe and its energy as a whole. The word ‘mandala’ has a Sanskrit origin and appears in the Rig Veda as the name of the sections of work. Mandalas vary in their design. Some mandalas have a square with 4 gates. Inside this square, there is a circle at the centre. The gates are believed to offer radial balance. Many people believe that these mandalas focus attention and acts as a spiritual guidance tool to help create a sacred space for meditation.

  1. The best place to hang a wall tapestry.

Wall tapestries are not just artworks, they are statement pieces that can be conversation starters. These wall tapestries are an excellent addition to a space but their beauty comes out the best when they are hung in a place where they can make the biggest impact. This place can be above your bed, your couch, mantle, or on a smaller wall where it can create an effect almost similar to that of wallpaper. Best displayed on the wall these tapestries give a very decorative and elegant wallpaper effect.

  1. Got a place to hang it. But now how to hang it?

There are actually so many ideas for this particular question. You can add your own creativity to hanging it. But if you are not interested in getting creative then there are always high-quality thumbtacks present on each of the corners of the fabric. You can just make use of them and stick them up on a wall which would work just fine. You can also use a hammer and nail to hang it on the wall. Depending on whether you want a loose or taut look, hammer the nails in the preferred distance and then hang your tapestry to get your desired drapey or taut look. You can also use the threaded rope technique in which you pass a thread or rope to the cloth and then hang it on your wall using a hammer and a few nails.

  1. How to take care of the tapestries?

When your wall tapestries are delivered to you, you can easily figure out some wrinkles in them. You can easily get rid of these wrinkles by using a steamer. But in case you don’t have any such handy tool then it’s the best idea to iron them. You can also throw it in a dryer with a damp cloth and that would work out too. Now in case you have a naughty child who stained it or if you spilled wine on your expensive wall tapestry. Now what? Well, now you have to get a NEW ONE!! just kidding!! You can easily put it in the wash (preferably cold water with gentle cycles) and then dry it to get back your tapestry as new as before. 

  1. Is that all or are these useful for anything else?

Well, these wall tapestries are multifunctional. There are some amazing tapestry tricks. We will list some for you.

You can use your tapestry to cover your comforter. It’s going to give it a whole new and refreshing look.

Tapestries can be perfect tablecloths. You can also pin them around your headboard to give it a bold new look. If you are into selfies, then use them as your selfie backdrop!!

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