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To decorate bare walls, tapestries are a wonderful and affordable alternative to buying a painting. They can completely alter the mood of a room when chosen with care, especially when you select tapestries with scenes. The article you are reading today, however, is not about the design of tapestries; rather, it is a tutorial that will give you a thorough explanation of how to hang a tapestry as well as some cool room décor ideas in the second part. Ready?

Hanging a Tapestry

The best aspect of this process is how simple it is; there are many different ways to complete it and have success each time. Here are some details that will show you how to do this and decorate your walls with lovely tapestry pieces if you’re looking for advice and ideas on how to do it:

  • You can hang your tapestry on the wall by creating a wooden frame (also known as a clamp). To make four even wooden slats that will be placed on the top and bottom of your tapestry, as well as the front and back sides, you need to use a table, say. You want to make the tapestry’s two opposite sides and a frame with two edges. All that’s left to do is add the string and hang your new creation on the wall after using hot glue to attach the materials.
  • You can accomplish the same thing by using curtain rods and hooks. Imagine your tapestry as a new curtain that needs to have holes cut out of the top side. Shower curtain hooks will pass through these holes. After that, everything is put on the curtain rod itself and hung on the wall. Bulldog clips are an alternative for those of you who don’t like the idea of tearing holes in the tapestry.

use of dowel and fusible bonding

The use of dowel and fusible bonding is an alternative. It reduces the amount of wall damage and potential mess that you would have otherwise made because you essentially only need to put a nail or screw into the wall. Your aim when using a fusible fabric bonding agent is to create a pocket for a dowel rod. After that is finished, you can attach an eye hook to one of the ends and insert the rope or string that will be used to hang the tapestry. Make sure the tapestry isn’t too heavy; otherwise, something more substantial than a screw or a nail might be required.

You may be concerned about using various nails, screws, and flimsy wall-mounting anchors to hold a tapestry in place if it is made of thick, woven fabric. In this situation, you could make a foam backing for the tapestry to distribute the weight evenly. All you need is a sizable piece of foam, which you can attach the tapestry to by its edges before hanging the whole thing on the wall.

Ideas for Wall Tapestry Decor

A modern entrance

You have the ideal spot to hang a tapestry to make it appear less intimidating if you have a tall, narrow wall. If your second-floor walls and ground-floor walls aren’t separated by a ceiling, this has a great impact and adds more color and life to an otherwise dull appearance.

Tapestry for the Mediterranean Dining Room

A ranch in the country is one of the best places to hang a tapestry. All that’s lacking is a wall tapestry in red and brownish tones to go with the matching carpets, stone floors, natural wood-burning fireplace, and plenty of wooden décor items already present.

Victorian Office Furniture

It’s already a flex to have a room set aside for your home office, but to decorate it in the Victorian aesthetic? Simply put, that is a sign of taste.

A Wall Tapestry Inspired by Nature

You can always choose a wall tapestry with woven flowers and leaves, or at the very least something where green and brown are the dominant colours, if you want to incorporate a nature-inspired theme into your home. Everything in this space complements one another, from the wooden benches at the foot of each bed to the green walls and nature-inspired pillowcases.

Bookworms’ bedroom

If you love reading, creating makeshift wooden bookcases all around your bed out of the space underneath is a fantastic space-saving idea that also gives you really easy access to your favourite books whenever you want to read before bed. The entire setup is given a sense of wholesomeness by selecting a wall tapestry to place at the bed’s headrest that is exactly the same width as the bed.


In terms of wall tapestries, there is a tonne of creative options available to you—and I don’t just mean the wide variety of available designs. You can hang a tapestry on the wall using one of the many suggestions in this article to produce a stunning visual effect while also knowing that it will hold. Let us know in the comments if you have any additional suggestions for creative and entertaining ways to hang a wall tapestry.

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