Getting Prepared for a Long Hike

Physical condition
There are little doubt that when you are preparing for a walk like the path of the Apalaches, physical conditioning is a great concern. The physical condition for the preparation for a simple 6 -mile walk and difficult is not what most of us would consider when we think of being fit. The main differences are:

-The weight of the package loaded on your back. – The shortest walks of several days with a loaded package will help greatly with the conditioning of their path, the more time the better.

  • Days of hiking with that package on your back. – I still have to discover a means to double the conditioning required for a day after 10 to 20 miles, for carrying the loaded package. (I discovered by the difficult way in what real condition resulted in a 9 -day walk on the trail of the Apalaches)

What to include when planning your long walk
The items that must include in your package include, they can be where the greatest weight resides. Such articles are:

  • Your backpack: a principle of nature is that if there is space available, it will be filled. That will be a truth with your backpack. So, determining what package size your choice is. Again, from personal experience, I started with a backpack of 6,000 cubic inches. That package passed approximately 200 miles until I realized that the load was more than I wanted to drive. I look backpacks and bought a package with a capacity of 3,850 cubic inches. I have never looked back and used that package for many 9 -day trips at the AT.
  • The size of the store – depends largely on how many hikers there are on the trip. With two hikers, a tent of two people would work well if the store configuration will lend to be able to divide the weight almost equally. If not two tents become the answer. How it becomes the question of how little space I need. D I need to configure directly in the store. All answers to these questions will largely determine how much the tent will weigh. The decision is personal.
  • The sleeping bag: the main factor to determine is how low the temperature will reach? The next factor is the type of filling. Synthetic are typically heavier. The sleeping bags full of below are lighter. I have heard some complaints about wet sleep sacks. I brought a sleeping bag full of 20 degrees for more than one hundred miles and in 7 days of continuous rain. I still have that sleeping bag.

-The stove and utensils: the weight of the stove is generally how much the fuel weighs. Propane stoves are great and I have always wore a very light stove and a propane boat. Alcohol and solid fuel stoves are lighter. I have seen hikers in the AT using a pop that can cut half and alcohol. This is a personal question again. Current dry foods allow the container. I have discovered that a small titanium pot with lid works well and acts as a convenient place to pack stoves and cleaning towel.

After making these decisions, decisions are, what else do I want to take?

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